About the Fundamentals of the Faith:

- We believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ;

- We believe in the deity of Jesus Christ, that He was very God and very man;
- We believe in the Blood Atonement provided by Jesus Christ on the Cross as the means for forgiveness of

- We believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead;

- We believe in the triune Godhead, that God is manifest as Father, Son and Holy Spirit;

- We believe in the eternal security of the believer and the eternal damnation of the lost;

- We believe in the inspiration and preservation of the Scriptures

 About the Bible:

- The Bible is the inspired, infallible, inerrant, eternal word of the Living God without mixture of error;

- The word of God is the final authority in all matters of faith and practice;

- We believe the Bible has been preserved for us without error and currently exists
  today for English-speaking people in the Authorized Version, commonly called the King
  James Version, which is, at the present time, the only version translated from the Majority 
  Text (MT). Every other translation, being translated from corrupted texts outside the
  Majority Text are corrupted replacements for the true word of God, testified to by
  additions, deletions of words, phrases, verses, corrupted word substitutions and other
  means of tampering with the text;

- We believe that in order to properly handle the word of truth, the Bible must be rightly divided according to
  2nd Timothy 2:15;

- We believe that only the 66 books of the Bible constitute the sole and complete revelation of Scripture;

- While all of the Bible is for us to know, it is particularly the 13 epistles (Romans-Philemon)
  written by Paul that are written specifically to us and about us, that comprise our doctrine
  for living in this dispensation of grace.

About Doctrine:

- We are dispensational, which is to say that we believe there are 2 separate and distinct
  programs at work in history and presented in the word of God: the program with Israel for
  the purpose of reconciling the world, and the program with the church, the body of Christ
  for the purpose of reconciling the heavenly places, both of which were usurped by Satan in
  his attempt to be like the most High;

- We believe we are presently living in the dispensation of Gentile grace which interrupted
  God’s program with Israel when it was ushered in at the conversion of the apostle Paul;

- We believe the apostle Paul was given a unique calling to be the apostle to the Gentiles,
  being separate and distinct from the “12 apostles” in message, audience and program;

- We believe that man is utterly depraved and it is impossible for him to save himself;

- We believe salvation is a free gift made available by grace through faith in the finished
  work of Jesus Christ on the Cross;

- Man cannot be saved or remain saved by works of any kind, at any time;

- Our standing before God as sons of God is not based on our performance but was secured
  for us in Jesus Christ at the moment of our salvation; We have a future vocation in the
  heavenly places in accordance with God’s purpose for the church, the body of Christ;

About the Local Church:

- The local church is to function as the pillar and ground of truth and as such is charged with
  the proclamation and defense of biblical truth;

- The preacher in the local church is to be engaged in teaching the word of truth so that the
  “man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works”;

- The proper function of the local church is that of a classroom that is meant to follow the
  pattern of the “form of sound words,” set forth in the word of truth, for the edification of the

- The primary job of the pastor is (as prescribed in the pastoral epistles of 1st Timothy –
   Philemon) to lead the members of the local assembly through the sonship curriculum
   which is laid out in the Bible for the dispensation of grace (Romans – 2nd Thessalonians).

- The static edification offices of Bishop (pastor) and Deacon are designated specifically and exclusively for
  men who are qualified to teach/exhort as stated by our apostle - Paul;​

​Forgotten Truths is Satan's Untruths Works of Darkness:

Fact #103 - The 26th chapter of Leviticus, and Daniel's 9th chapter, both taken in concert with Psalms 2nd
                   chapter, describes a sequence of events associated with Israel’s Old Testament prophetic timeline in
                   which the Jews were already knowledgeable of – hint Acts 3:21 “…spoken by the mouth of all his
                   holy prophets since the world began…”  These prophecies are to be fulfilled in Israel's distant future
                   relative to the time when the prophecy was givenKing David, prophesied that the Gentiles and Apostate
                   Israel had conspired together and were in opposition to God and His Christ to such an extent that the
                   Father and the Son were totally rejected by both. 
                   Christ created the world but “…the world knew him not.” – John 1:10He came unto his own,
                   and his own received him not.” – John 1:11. The apostle Peter prophesied a portion of Psalms
                   second chapter during Israel's one year period of extended mercy, Acts 4:25-28The first portion
                   of the prophecy culminated at the stoning of Steven in Acts chapter seven followed by Saul's
                   conversion is Acts chapter nine
                   The culmination was in response to Apostate Israel’s unbelief regarding the miraculous miracles 
                   explicitly demonstrated by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus 
                   Christ of Nazareth, and the ungodly condition of the Gentile nations. Therefore, the first part of 
                   that prophecy had already been fulfilled. Psalms second chapter contain these 
                   three important prophecies in sequence: 1.) the rejection of the Godhead by Apostate Israel and
                   the Gentile world - fulfilled. 2.) God’s day of wrath poured out on the world of the ungodly (Jews/
                   Gentiles) - pending execution. 3.) The coming earthly Kingdom of Christ - pending execution
                   The main understanding that should be taken from this passage is how successful Satan was
                   in propagating his untruths through his works of darkness that caused both
                   Apostate Israel and the Gentile nations of the world to completely repudiate God thereby
                   resulting in the world of the ungodly; this is what it had become, again. If you noticed from this
                   passage, there is absolutely no mentioning of the dispensation of Gentile grace in this prophecy –
                   why? The answer is in Romans 16:25 “…was kept secret since the world began…” – this is a
                   Pauline mystery and revelation.

Fact #104 - The 26th chapter of the book of Leviticus constitutes Israel’s Old Testament history and
                   prophetic timeline in terms of the cursing’s for being disobedient to God’s law and
                   the blessings for being obedient to God’s law. Psalms 2nd chapter REST on Leviticus 26th
                   chapter. The 9th chapter of the book of Daniel, is an extension of the initial prophetic timeline.
                   Leviticus 26:14-43collectively present the details of the narrative in regard to those cursing’s, as
                   a direct result of disobedience. It is from this passage that the earlier prophets such as those found
                   in the book of Judges i.e., Samuel, then later on, the ministries of Elijah and Elisha as well as the
                   5th course of punishment prophets (Isaiah through Malachi) were able to construct the full details
                   concerning Israel’s distant future. But it wasn’t until the prophet Daniel, who was primarily
                   responsible for initially forming Israel’s prophetic timeline in terms of the 5th course of punishment
                   with their five installments. Daniel’s prophecies allowed for the encapsulation of Leviticus 26th
                   chapter for the purpose of enabling the other 5th course of punishment prophets to fill-in their
                   details on the timeline as they are moved by the Holy Spirit at the time of their writings. Leviticus
                   26:14-43 is divided into five sections that represent Israel’s five courses of punishment as a result
                   of her infidelity and disobedience as the wife of God. Note, all Biblical propheciessigns and
                   wonders are exclusively directed toward the nation of Israel and Israel ONLY. Therefore none of
                   the three components mentioned are present and/or active in the dispensation of Gentile grace.
                   Leviticus 26:14-43 is partitioned as follows:

                   Israel’s 1st Course or Cycle of Punishment – Leviticus 26:14-17 

                            •diseases, blindness, crops stolen by enemies

                   Israel’s 2nd Course or Cycle of Punishment – Leviticus 26:18-20

                            division of the kingdom, drought and crop loss

                   Israel's 3rd Course or Cycle of Punishment – Leviticus 26:21-22

                            attacks by wild beast, hazardous travel, population reduction

                   Israel’s 4th Course or Cycle of Punishment – Leviticus 26:23-26

                            enemies attack, siege of cities, starvation, loss of land

                   Israel’s 5th Course or Cycle of Punishment – Leviticus 26:27-43

                            into captivity (Israel and Judah expelled out of the land), now begins the times of the Gentiles

                   Note, after forty years of wondering in the wilderness, the generation that did evil in the sight of the
                   LORD had died out. Therefore prior to his death and the crossing of the Jordon river, Moses
                   reiterated Leviticus 26th chapter in the book of Deuteronomy 28th chapter in response to a
                   new generation that have never heard a formal reading of the law i.e., the second giving of the

                   Knowing Fact #104, is VITAL in understanding Israel's past history and future promises in terms
                   of fulfillment of prophecy from God's perspective. Why, because the nation of Israel REST 
                   exclusively on Leviticus 26th chapter AND without the proper knowledge and understanding of
                   this fact, PLUSE to intentionally disregard God's direct command to "rightly divide the word of
                   truth" then it becomes an impossible task to comprehend intelligently and to make logical sense
                   out of the flow of the narratives and prophecies of the Old Testament (i.e.,Israel's program, from
                   Genesis chapter 12 to Acts chapter 8 and from Hebrews to Revelation), let-a-alone the rest 
                   of the Bible (Genesis chapters 1-11, and Paul's 13 epistles to "the church the body of Christ")!

Fact #105 - Ever since the Garden of Eden, Satan has implemented THREE categories of his works of
                   darkness to utilize as weapons of the untruth against humanity. Also, Satan has NOT changed any
                   of his tactics or goals in presenting his untruths to oppose the truth of God’s word and fulfilling his
                   five step plan of dominance over God’s creation – Isaiah 14:12-14 “…I will be like the most High.”

                   Romans 13:13 contains the meaning of the following acronyms used in the truth table
                   below: R&D=“rioting and drunkenness”C&W=“chambering and wantonness” and S&E=“strife and
                   envying”This truth table is an Inter-Dispensational Truth designed and implemented by Satan:

                   Logically as indicated, Satan has at his disposal, a total of 7 out of 8 possible combinations of his
                   works of darkness to use against us. The first combination 0|’0’,’0’,’0’,’0’, which indicate no activity
                   in terms of attacks or desires, was prior to Genesis 3:6 in terms of humanity’s involvement.

​Fact #106 - The doctrine on Sonship (Romans - Philemon) CANNOT be faked because the PROCESS will
                    find you out, either you know-it, or you don't, either you believe-it or you don't. There is NO wiggle
                    room for compromising the light of the Truth for this dispensation of Gentile grace.

​Fact #107 - Briefly from the above truth table, it should be apparent that Satan’s three categories of his works
                   of darkness set the stage for a substitute relationship with him by replacing God’s three
                   institutionalized pillars of divine truths with his evil, corrupted and counterfeit doctrine – the LIE;
                   the untruth. Below are brief but salient details concerning those attacks and what they are meant
                   to accomplish in the world:

                   1.THE PRIDE OF LIFE” category is primarily aimed and targeted to completely seek out, attack,
                       destroy and replace the light of the truth of the word of God for both programs and both
                       dispensations, the Prophetic program (Israel in “time past” and “the ages to come”), and the
                       Mystery program (“the church, the body of Christ” in the “but now” dispensation of Gentile
                       grace). Satan doesn’t want ANYONE knowing the light of the Truth - PERIOD!

                   2.THE LUST OF THE EYES” category is primarily aimed and targeted to completely seek out,
                       attack, destroy and replace God’s divine institutions for the perpetuation of the human race, His
                       divine laws concerning interpersonal relationship 
                      1.) Marriage, 2.) The Family, 3.) The Natural Use of One’s Body, Satan wants to replace the
                       light of these truths with an alternative life style(s) by forcing through subtle tactics the 
                       opposition to tolerate, accept and participate (to support) with these abominations.

                   3.THE LUST OF THE FLESH” category is primarily aimed and targeted to completely seek out,
                       attack, destroy and replace God’s civil institutions of law and order. This will result in chaos and
                       rebellion throughout the world – global anarchy again; the exacted same condition the world
                       was in during the Antediluvian period. Satan’s man enters with a counterfeit peace presented to
                       Israel and the world; the people will elect him into power.

                   Brief Summary: Satan’s replacement of the word of God is his primary objective and/or goal,
                   because without the truth of God’s word as the guiding light, then the other two categories become
                   easy prey to seek out, attack, destroy and replace. As a result, alternative life styles, and global
                   anarchy become elementary issues to justify and implement. This ungodly condition is what Satan
                   ultimately wants the world to be in. When God’s three pillars of truths are destroyed and replaced,
                   Satan then has earned the right to bring in his "man (antichrist) of sin" onto the world stage
                   because at that time, the world is in total and absolute repudiation of God. This will assist Satan in
                   fulfilling his plan of evil. Note, ALL of the above is an inter-dispensational truth or fact regarding the
                   intended application of Satan's policy of evil.

Fact #108 - God's NO NONSENSE GOSPEL in the dispensation of Gentile grace is essentially a gospel that is
                   completely VOID of Israel’s doctrine and their “gospel of the kingdom” messageMore specifically,
                   void of God supernaturally intervening by His omnipotent and omniscient attributes in our daily
                   circumstances, problems and situations. It also consists of NOT practicing Israel’s “gospel of the
                   kingdom” teachings with its promises. If anyone is practicing Israel's doctrine in concert with "the
                   gospel of the grace of God" has actually been victimized by a NONSENSE GOSPEL in terms of 
                   expected deliverances, miracles, signs, wonders, modern day apostles, prophets etc. What people
                   failed to know and understand is that God is NOT operating nor is He dealing with us Gentiles in
                   the dispensation of grace in the exact same manner that He did with the nation of Israel in their
                   program. This is what happens when people refuse to regard God’s word rightly divided, they
                   embrace the WRONG doctrine. Generally, people have a tendency to ignore the fact that Israel’s
                   program has been temporarily halted, suspended, interrupted, put on hold, and that a new
                   program had commenced some 2000 years ago, the Mystery Program, with its own unique
                   apostle (Paul) and specific marching orders (the doctrine in Romans – Philemon)
                   that are NOT interchangeable with any portion(s) of Israel’s doctrine and gospel. A NONSENSE
                   GOSPEL is just another name for a perverted version of the gospel of grace. Paul labeled it
                   perverted” in Galatians 1:1-10. In this epistle, Paul reprimanded the Galatians for allowing
                   Judaizers to enter and pontificate to the congregation, a perverted gospel (a NONSENSE
                   GOSPEL) that corrupted their thinking (a mixture of Israel’s doctrine with the doctrine for 
                   “the church, the body of Christ”, i.e. law and grace) to the extent of them accepting the Mosaic
                   law of circumcision in addition to Paul’s gospel. This is what Paul meant when he said in verses
                   6-7 “6 I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of 
                   Christ unto another gospel: 7 which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and
                   would pervert the gospel of Christ.” What Paul is saying in these verses is that the
                   perversion of my gospel in this church wasn’t a direct result of, nor was it influenced by Buddhism,
                   Hinduism, Sikhism, Daoism  or any other pagan eastern or western gnostic religion(s) etc., because
                   Satan knew that NO ONE in THAT congregation would NEVER, EVER mingle pagan practices with their
                   own. BUT they just might become susceptible to something that they are already familiar with and
                   knowledgeable in. Therefore Satan launched an attack to contaminate Paul’s gospel of the grace of
                   God with Judaism by convincing the congregation (the Jews, Gentiles would soon follow suite) to
                   embrace their own ancient religion of Judaism (the Law) and the public ministry of the Lord Jesus
                   Christ i.e., the preaching and teaching of “the gospel of the kingdom” on earthTherefore Satan was
                   successful in producing and propagating a perverted version of “the gospel of the grace of God”.
                   Satan's perversion has propagated down to this very day for the purpose of furthering his cause
                   i.e., a continued perpetuation of his works of darkness and his policy of evil; his LIES; his NONSENSE
                   gospel; his world of the ungodly. Note, in the dispensation of Gentile grace there are THREE and ONLY
                   THREE forms of deliverances guaranteed by God's gospel of grace: 1.) Deliverance from the debt and
                   penalty of ours sins2.) Deliverance from "Hell"/"Lord's Day of Wrath"/"the Lake of Fire"; and 3.)
                   Deliverance from the mental ill-effects of "the sufferings of this present time". Therefore ANY other
                   so-called form of deliverance from ANYTHING other than what was previously stated, is a complete and
                   absolute LIE coupled with NONSENSE.  Why? Because in LIGHT of "the full revelation of scripture"  
                   (i.e., the completed word of God - the Bible), that WE NOW HAVE in our possession, NO WHERE,
                   from Romans through Philemon, has such a promise ever been made to anyone at ANY time by God -
                   NOT A ONE!. Remember, God's will is NOT capricious but consistent in what He has dispensed and
                   has put on display - grace (goodness, forbearance, longsuffering) and the word of reconciliation, all of
                   which are "inner manthings that produce edification unto godliness.


Fact #109 - In the above two diagrams, in association with Fact #108 and diagram “God’s TDM of Both
                   Programs” located on the “About Us” link, an intelligent and logical view was extracted from the
                   word of God in terms of the two cardinal programs and their doctrines i.e., the Prophetic and the
                   Mystery. The doctrine from these two programs were taken and designed, implemented and then
                   analyzed by digital logic behavioral functions/characteristics by which the end results were
                   unequivocally examined and compared against the eternal and divine logic from the word of God.
                   The end results were empirically found to be the absolute nature of the type of doctrine being
                   dispensed when both programs were either combined (mixed/multiplied) or kept separated
                   (divided) from each other. Also, the final results clearly demonstrate and substantiate Paul’s
                   assertion in II Timothy 2:15 to “rightly divide the word of truth” in order to properly identify God’s
                   planpurpose and perfect will for “the church the body of Christ” living in the dispensation of
                   grace. The Mixer model with its math function can only addsubtract or multiply God’s word
                   instead of dividing it as God asserted via Paul. This constitutes gross doctrinal ERROR of the 
                   worst kind – you get Satan’s works of darkness when the Mixer model becomes the source from
                   where you get your doctrine instead of the Data Selector Multiplexer model which is God’s
                   choice. The logic of the gospel reveals an intelligent, logical and strategic understanding of what
                   God is doing in the dispensation of grace because logic is just plain logic.

Q3: "Why didn't the King James translators capitalize the personal pronouns like, His, Him, etc. when referring
       to The Lord?" TS, North Platte, NE

A3: In reference to your question, the original Hebrew alphabet contained no upper/lower case letters just a
      plain alphabet. God gave no such command to the O.T. kings/prophets to observer the capitalization of
      personal pronoun when referencing Him, the Godhead, and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. However, the
      Greek alphabet contained both upper/lower case letters, but the Septuagint (70 Jewish translators a.k.a.
      the LXX) translated the original Hebrew text into Greek using all capitalized letters. Therefore whether the
      Holy text is written in all lower case letters i.e., Hebrew or in all upper case i.e., Greek, it really doesn't
      matter to God and is a non-issue with Him. God is concerned about the preservation of His word to all
      humanity. I believe that the KJ translators followed the syntactical grammar contained in the original      
      Hebrew text concerning personal pronouns because: "his", "him" is from the original Hebrew text. The KJ
      translators translated Greek into English but maintained the original personal pronouns. As I've said, this is
      a non-issue with God, really it doesn't matter if we observe it or not. If it were an issue with God, He would
      have had an influence in constructing the original Hebrew alphabet in terms of observance of all personal
      pronouns when referencing Him and/or His Son.

Fact #110 - In the dispensation of Gentile grace, Sabbath observance is NOT a requirement from God, why,
                   because it’s totally irrelevant, unimportant and a non-issue to one’s salvation under grace. Sabbath
                   keeping is considered a work, and works are disallowed in the dispensation of Gentile grace due to
                   the deadly toxic contamination of the doctrines of Justification, Sanctification and Exhortations for this
                   dispensation. Before proceeding, please read and try to understand Facts #36, #37, #72 and #76.
                   Why, because they provide insight and helpful information regarding the contents and purpose of
                   the book of Acts as well as the dispensational change mentioned in Romans chapters 9-11 that 
                   parallels the book of Acts account. Briefly, Acts 9:20, 13:14, 13:27, 13:42, 13:44, 15:12, 16:13,
                   17:2, and 18:4; Paul in these earlier passages is meeting with his Jewish brethren at various
                   synagogues on the Sabbath (Jewish customs and practices – the Law) in an attempt to solicit a
                   proper public hearing concerning this new dispensation along with its special message concerning
                   “the gospel of the grace of God” he received from the resurrected Lord. Note again, just because Paul
                   met with his Jewish brethren only on the Sabbath, DOESN’T suggest that we (Gentiles) also must
                   follow/meet/worship/observe the Sabbath and/or other Jewish practices etc. Here’s the confusion
                   and dilemma, basically as indicated by the above facts, the book of Acts is NOT church doctrine for
                   the dispensation of grace. Why, because Luke (the author of the book of Acts) is NOT the apostle
                   of the Gentiles, this right was solely reserved for Paul and ONLY Paul via Christ, we Gentiles have
                   ONE apostle, NOT '13'. Also our doctrine for the dispensation of grace begins is Romans and runs
                   to the end of Philemon. Paul’s special message was presented to “the Jew first”, and then to “the
                   Greek” as Paul vehemently asserts in Romans 1:16 and 2:9-10, this is the way and the order
                   God chose to initially release and dispense His new gospel – to Jews first, then to Gentiles, and
                   this also is why the earlier chapters of Acts and other chapters appear confusing to some when
                   referencing Colossians 2:16 passage regarding Sabbath keeping etc. Note, Colossians 2:16 and
                   the earlier chapters of Acts, CANNOT be asserted TRUE/ACTIVE simultaneously, why, because
                   Romans 11:6 in concert with 2nd Timothy 2:15 resolves the issue of program contention between
                   law (the nation of Israel) and grace (“the church the body of Christ”). This is the reason why “right
                   division” of the word of God is SO vital and critical in fostering an intelligent, logical and strategical
                   understanding of the word of God with it’s nuances to your inner man, anything other than that is a
                   triple guaranteed path of absolute NOSENSE. There is one more important observation to consider
                   regarding this issue. The terms “follow(ers)”, “ensample(s)” and “pattern” found in these passages:
                   1st Cor.4:16, 11:1, 10:11; Phil. 3:17; 1st Thes.1:6; 2nd Thes.3:7, 3:9; 1st Tim.1:16; and Titus 2:7; 
                   are asserted true ONLY within the parameters of the Doctrine found in Romans through Philemon,
                   and NOT from the Jewish account/record found in the book of Acts. This is the other reason why
                   it’s so critical and vital to follow God’s direct command via Paul to “rightly divide the word of truth” 
                   – to avoid careless scriptural contention and confusion as stated by FACTs #1-5 and #91.

Q4:  "Have you ever came across any work, whether it be a pamplet, book, or some form of reference that
        CLEARLY shows the positions, the verses, etc. that defend the differing viewpoints of each camp ?

        I have never come to fully understand if these divisions are all about WHEN the body of Christ, or the
        D.O.G. began, or just WHY the differing views/camps exist. I know that as far as "grace" teachings, each
        have a history of some of these men as teachers....Darby, Scofield, J.C. O'hair, C.R.Stam, E.W.Bullinger,
        Anderson, C.H.Welch, Stuart Allen. I am unsure of any "main" teachers of the Acts 13 position."  
        TS, North Platte, NE

A4:  To your first question, the answer is not in terms of writings but I have heard oral assertions on the
       subject. Hopefully this will enlighten you concerning differing views etc. This in my estimation and it has to
       do withwhen “the church the body of Christ” actually began this is the primary source of today’s confusion
       and contention.

       Briefly, the differing views/camps stems from the fact that some people have a knowledge deficit
       concerning the doctrine of “Right Division” contained in Paul’s gospel/epistles (Romans – Philemon), and
       also NOT knowing that from Genesis 12th chapter to Acts 8th chapter, and then from Hebrews – 
       Revelation is NOT considered doctrine for “the church the body of Christ” but is in fact Israel’s doctrine
       while C.I. Scofield, J.C. O’Hara as well as others, all understood the extreme importance of knowing these
       doctrines from the perspective of “Right Division” for the purpose of staving-off doctrinal confusion and
       contention between the prophetic program and the mystery program. They knew that the initial start of “the
       church the body of Christ” in the dispensation of Gentile grace was emphatically a Pauline revelation and
       mystery and that it must be understood in that exact context. But some stumbled over the word
       “church” (means a called out assembly) and contend that the church stated with Israel in the wilderness 
       under Moses, and then some say it started at the Cross while others contend that it started at Pentecost
       (Acts 2nd Chapter). These earlier churches taught Judaism (the Law), and the four Gospels in order to
       proselytize Gentiles. But from my studies, the church, in the Pauline sense of the word and the actual 
       start of the dispensation of Gentile grace both simultaneously began one year later relative to the
       Cross, and then running to the end of Israel’s extension (Luke 13:6-9 Parable i.e., Acts Chapters 1-8) of
       mercy time period. Why, because Psalms 2:1-3 had already been fulfilled and the next major event on
       God’s calendar was to execute His Day of Wrath (a.k.a. Daniel’s 70th Week) upon an ungodly (Apostate
       Israel/Gentiles) world.

       But instead of bringing in the tribulation period, God temporarily interrupted/suspended Israel’s
       prophetic program, then He met and converted Saul on the Damascus road. With that event, God ushered
       in a new dispensation of grace with its own unique apostle and a specific message i.e., “the gospel of the
       grace of God” with “the one new man” doctrine for both Jews and Gentiles – reconciliation. Therefore Acts
       13th Chapter is the Jewish account/record about the start of “the church the body of Christ” as an
       assembly of Christians comprised of both believing Jews and Gentiles under a new apostle with a new
       doctrine. Acts 13th chapter does support the fact that the synagogue at Antioch did have both believing
       Jews and Gentiles in that congregation that accepted and supported with enthusiasm Paul and Barnabas
       message about the grace of God. This is indicative of “the one new man” characteristic of “the church the
       body of Christ”. But remember that Paul’s message was first presented to the Jews first, then to Gentiles
       as recorded in the book of Acts. Therefore “the church the body of Christ” actually started at Paul’s (Saul)
       conversion because he was unequivocally the FIRST person to receive and experience God’s saving
       grace, instead of Christ destroying Saul of Tarsus on the spot, He saved him, this alone constitutes that
       Paul was the first member and ONLY appointed apostle to this new church. And for a very special and
       unique purpose, “to preach Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret
       since the world began, But now is made manifest,” Romans 16:25-26.

       In Acts 28:28, Luke records the final end of Apostle Paul’s “to the Jew first Provoking” ministry as a result of their
       total rejection of his message, now Paul turns and focuses primarily on the Gentiles.

Fact #111 - Have you ever entertained the thought concerning the possibility of losing your salvation i.e., your
                   standing/status before God due to some unrepentant sin(s) and/or something you didn’t do that
                   would result in God condemning you to “the day of His Wrath” or “the lake of fire” or both? If your
                   answer is YES, then you haven’t been properly taught this super critical and super vital 
                   hypothetical scenario directly from the Doctrine of Justification (Romans Chapters 1-5): 
                   The ONE and ONLY way God’s final Supreme Court majority (all 3 persons of the Godhead) ruling
                   concerning your eternal security could ever be in jeopardy of being repealed is by “THE ONE
                   MAN” Christ Jesus, being charged and sentenced to “the lake of fire” for the
                   crimes of high treason against God His Father, in other words Christ becoming an ENEMY of God
                   – DON’T EVER FORGET THAT. Because your eternal security is predicated upon what “THE
                   ONE MAN” did for you at the Cross. Also remember this; whatever happens to “THE ONE MAN
                   happens to us all. If you don’t FULLY understand this salient point, you DO NOT completely
                   understand the Cardinal Doctrine of Justification. YOU need to be properly taught regarding the
                   tenets of His "Peace" and "Hope" which produces eternal security with absolute confidence.

Fact #112 - When we're ignorant of the doctrine (Romans - Philemon) for "the church the body of Christ" living
                   in the dispensation of gracewe're guided by our emotion which is void of intelligence, why,
                   because our emotions is a responder. Remember, if you have the doctrine telling you something
                   that runs counter to how you feel, most people will reject the doctrine and embrace the feeling
                   because that's how we've learn to live our lives, this is NOT sonship and edification DOES NOT
                   take place at ALL!

Fact #113 - "The church the body of Christ" CANNOT utilize the Law because the Law is VOID in terms of
                   accomplishing God's business out in the heavenly places. The Law was originally intended and
                   restricted to its purpose on the earth ONLY.

Fact #114 - Knowing God's perfect WILL (Romans - Philemon) for the dispensation of grace, is NOT a prayer
                   issue, it's an education (Romans - Philemon) issue.

Detailed Top Level Linear Timeline of the Bible/God's Plan:

DSP Output Produces Absolute Doctrinal CONFUSION for "the church the body of Christ" from the Word (KJV) of God == the TOG!
DSP Output Produces Absolute Doctrinal UNDERSTANDING for "the church the body of Christ" from the Word (KJV) of God == the TOGRD!
DSP Inputs Represent The Word of God 
DSP Inputs Represent The Word of God 
('W' is Always SET to a STATIC Condition Under God's Control)
Note, "Justification Unto Eternal Life" (Genesis 15:6) is an Inter-Dispensational Truth in Both Programs i.e., the Prophetic (Israel) and the Mystery (the Church).
Note, "Justification Unto Eternal Life" (Genesis 15:6) is an Inter-Dispensational Truth in Both Programs i.e., the Prophetic (Israel) and the Mystery (the Church).
The SIGN of circumcision is considered an Abrahamic work. Note its meaning in Romans 4:11 "And he received the sign of circumcision, a seal of the righteousness of the faith which he had yet being uncircumcised:" Paul is referencing Genesis 15:6 passage, an Inter-Dispensational Truth that implicates "the church the body of Christ". FAITH is apart from circumcision and the Law.
Fact #115 – In reference to the above graph (The Abrahamic Timeline Concerning Justification), the text in 
                    the red boxes marked 2, 3a, 3b, 4 and 5 are of significant value and importance for gaining a
                    proper understanding of the doctrine of justification revealed to us in the book of Romans
                    chapters 1-5 by the apostle Paul. Why? Because out of an understanding of this cardinal doctrine
                    we can intelligently and logically differentiate between the “faith” component with associations,
                    and the “works” component with associations as they both have a degree of relevance in the
                    Prophetic Program as well as in the Mystery Program. Briefly, only boxes 2 and 4 are examined.

                      It is extremely important to realize that only the faith component is considered an absolute
                    Inter-Dispensational Truth in both programs always has been and always will be while the 
                    other component (works) is NOT – closely examine the timeline.

                      The above timeline presents a visual that explains why a Jew i.e., a physical descendent of the
                    Abrahamic bloodline has TWO justifications and a Gentile has only ONE. Our justification in
                    the body of Christ” living in the dispensation of grace is solely in connection with and is
                    completely predicated upon Genesis 15th chapter (Abram’s first justification) and NOT Genesis
                    17th and/or 22nd chapter as indicated by the timeline. Why, because NO works were EVER
                    involved in Abram initially being justified unto eternal life by God. Abram believed God and on
                    the basis of that FAITH ALONE, God counted it to him for righteousness WITHOUT Abram
                    having to do ANYTHING (work) to secure His perfect righteousness – NOTHING. Contention
                    surrounding the issues and the doctrine of justification stems from the fact of NOT rightly
                    dividing the word of truth as Christ has asserted through Paul, this direct command is to all
                    pastors, deacons and teachers to obeyANYHING other than obedience to this direct command
                    WILL ALWAYS result in an absolute guaranteed doctrinal train wreck – confusing MANY.
                    Case and point:

                      The book of James is primarily written to "the believing remnant" a.k.a. ”the little flock” in Israel, out
                    in the day of “the Lord’s wrath. This remnant epistle is part of their doctrinal education in order to
                    prepare and enable them (“believing remnant”) to overcome attacks from the Adversary. In that
                    day, a Jew cannot only exhibit faith in the eyes of the nations of the world, but he must also
                    demonstrate works that are accompanied with that faith. This is why Jesus told the little flock
                    that ye are the salt of the earth and the “light of the world why, because they were destined
                    to be the catalysis and conduit from which all other nations on earth are to follow in order to access
                    the true God – the God of Israel. This is the reason why Jews have TWO justifications and NOT
                    just ONE as we have. As previously stated, that second justification is to justify him (Jew) in the
                    sight of men as a “friend of God” just as the apostle James asserted in the second chapter of
                    his epistle. In this chapter, the apostle James is NOT talking about "the believing remnant" being
                    saved or getting saved, NO, they were already saved (justified unto eternal life, James 1:18
                    “begot he us with the word of truth,”) by believing that the historical Jesus of Nazareth is their
                    prophesied king and messiah, the prophesied Christ that would sit on the throne of David. But in
                    James second chapter, the apostle James is referencing their (“believing remnant”) 
                    second justification which is being justified by works (see James 2:17-24)
                    because they (“believing remnant”) as previously stated, must also demonstrate their faith by
                    their works in the sight of men to prove to the nations on earth at that time, that they are truly a
                    “friend of God”. Therefore without an understanding of the doctrine of Right Division and the
                    use of the Abrahamic Timeline, the Bible would have appeared to contradict itself between what
                    Paul asserted and what James asserted. These two apostles are diametrically polarized in terms
                    of the application regarding Abraham's second component (works) when addressing the issues
                    and concerns surrounding the doctrine of justification. Therefore to be resolute in debunking
                    confusion and false teaching, you MUST come to know, understand and believe that these 3
                    salient equations and their undeniable facts, cannot be deconstructed to the contrary by ANYONE:

                    Salient Facts:

                             1. Paul is the ONLY apostle to "the church the body of Christin "the dispensation of the
                                 grace of God" – NOT JAMES, nor ANY of Israel's other apostles etc.. Doctrinal confusion
                                 results in NOT identifying and obeying program distinctions incorporated in God's word.
                             2. James is ONE of the apostles to the "believing remnant" a.k.a. "the little flock"
                                 in Israel. This epistle was written specifically FOR, TO and ABOUT them out in "the day
                                 of the Lord's wrath"  a.k.a. The Tribulation Period, Daniel's 70th Week and Jacob's

                             3. 2,000 years ago, GOD temporarily interrupted/suspended Israel's supernatural
                                 prophetic program by ushering in a completely NEW dispensation – "the Grace of 
                                 God"; spearheaded by ONE completely NEW apostle – Paul; to teach/preach ONE
                                 completely NEW message/doctrine ("the gospel of the grace of God" and "the preaching
                                 of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery,"); aimed and directed toward a
                                 completely NEW audience of Jews and Gentiles; with a single goal of producing "one new
                                 man"; with ONE completely NEW destiny of occupation, restoration and governing  "the
                                 heavenly places". Ultimately it is this doctrine (Romans – Philemon) that instructs and
                                 qualifies us in this dispensation to one day, to be able to labor with our heavenly Father
                                 out in "the Creature".

                    Dispensational Application of Absolute Salient Equations:

                              1. |Justification_4a_Jew| = (FAITH + WORKS); Note, this equation was applicable and
                                                                                                             valid to the “believing remnant” in Israel’s
                                                                                                             “TIME PAST program/dispensation.

                              2. |Justification_4a_Gentile| = (FAITH + NOTHING);          Note these equations are ONLY
                                                                                                                              applicable and valid in "the
                                                                                                                              dispensation of grace" where
                                                                                                                              there is NO difference in God’s
                                                                                                                              sight between Jew and Gentile.
                                                                                                                              This is the BUT NOW
                                                                                                                              program/dispensation where
                                                                                                                              God is ONLY concerned with
                                                                                                                              INNER MAN issues of godly
                                                                                                                              education and edification
                                                                                                                              for "the church the
                                                                                                                              body of Christ" and NOT
                                                                                                                              superficial/physical issues of
                                                                                                                              deliverances, miracles etc..

                              3. |Justification_4a_Jew_Gentile| = (FAITH + WORKS); Note, this equation once again
                                                                                                                           becomes applicable and valid to  
                                                                                                                           the “believing remnant”, but also  
                                                                                                                           to the other nations of the world 
                                                                                                                           to follow when God resumes
                                                                                                                           Israel's prophetic program/ 
                                                                                                                           dispensation in the 
                                                                                                                           AGES TO COME”.


                     From the equations can you identify the Inter-Dispensational Truth? Hint – it is the only
                     component that can eternally SAVE (Justified/Justification Unto Eternal Life) YOU. Because
                     what is contained in this component is something HE did for YOU. Also see FACT #61.


The Abrahamic Linear Timeline Concerning the Doctrine of  Justification from Paul's Perspective:

Combinatorial Truth Table of Satan's Attack Methodology:
use these
"the dispensation of the grace of God" - ACTIVE
See also FACT #101
Israel's Doctrine Encompasses: the Law, the Prophets, the Psalms, the Four Gospels (the preaching/teaching of "the gospel of the kingdom" on earth), the Epistles from Hebrews through Revelation (to the believing remnant out in "the Lord's day of wrath") and the Book of Acts Chapters One through Eight.

The Doctrinal Contrast: Paul is NOT preaching against Christ, but preaching against Christ according to the prophetic program - Israel. Their doctrine is NOT for us. Remember, it was Jesus who gave Paul the message/doctrine for us in the first place (Romans 16:25). Paul was educated by Christ ONLY (Galatians 1:11-12;1:15-20)
 - 3b that
Note2: All tithing references listed on the left are representative of tithes (plural) meaning that the total tithes from a Jew living under the Law MUST equate to either 20% or 30% of his gross income. This tax was levied for the Levites/Priests and Israel's social/civil programs.

Note3: All tithing references that are representative of tithe (singular) is the initial commandment of 10% of the gross income of a Jew to be paid to the Levites: Leviticus 27:30,32; Numbers 18:26; Deuteronomy 12:17;14:22,23,28; II Chronicles 31:5,6; Nehemiah 10:38, 13:12.

Note4: Tithes were levied ONCE a year for the Levites only. Then every 3rd year tithes were levied for Levites and social/civil programs. One could redeem a tithe but must add 1/5 = 20%
Note1: During antiquity, the tithe (10%) did not originate with Abraham, but was already established due to its simplicity as a customary trading agreement practiced by other ancient cultures in the world at that time.
At this point (Genesis 22:1-14) Isaac may have been 17 years old or older.
Fact #116 – There are seven major issues that clearly define the Dispensation of Grace. Note, Fact #116
                    and #73 are redundant BUT #116 contains two more issues (6,7) of concern:

                    1. This dispensation is spearheaded by a NEW apostle – Paul.
                    2. Jews and Gentiles are NOW on the same level in God's sight – NO difference.
                    3. Israel is NOT a priority with God today – God is doing nothing for them and what is happening
                        to the rest of the nations of the world is also happening to them. God is doing nothing for
                    4. God is holding back His day of wrath.
                    5. All believers today are considered “one new man”.
                    6. God is ONLY interested in the education and edification of “the church the body of Christ”.
                    7. God is NOT operating in the superficial, the physical, nor the supernatural realm. God is                         ONLY after inner man things of edification for a specific plan, purpose and perfect will.

Fact #117 – What constitutes salvation (justification unto eternal life) that is, saving faith? All throughout the                     dispensations, God always has set the object of faith for all people to follow i.e., what faith is                     attributed to in order to produce salvation (justification unto eternal life). These historical objects                     of faith constitute absolute salvation “unto all and upon all them that believe” because faith is                     really taking God at His word. God has said during the:

                    •   Early Post Flood Era that the people living on the earth during the post antediluvian                         period should have known about the source and the object of their faith because God had                         initially placed in them via Adam, a consciousness/an awareness of Him and His creation in                         which they should have known. It was this truth that constituted salvation (justification unto                         eternal life). But instead, they had chosen to completely disobey this salient/cardinal fact and                         as a result they became foolish, vain in their imagination, and their hearts were darkened. God                         had already revealed Himself to them – Romans 1:20 “For the invisible things of him from the                         creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that were made, even his                         eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse…” This ignorance consummated                         the conditions at “the Tower of Babel” in which God was displeased. Therefore the object of                         their faith should have been in God’s eternal powerGodhead and creation – all about                         Him ONLY.

                    •   Pre-Israel Program that Abraham’s salvation (justification unto eternal life) was attributed to                         his faith in believing that God said He would give him an “heir” – Genesis 15:1-6. Therefore                         believing that God would give him an heir was the object of Abraham’s faith.

                    •   Israel Program that salvation (justification unto eternal life) for “the believing remnant” (“the                         little flock”) was attributed in believing that Jesus of Nazareth was in fact the prophesied Christ,                         their king and messiah that would sit on the throne of David – Acts 2:36. Therefore believing                         that Jesus is their Christking and messiah is the object of “the believing remnant’s”

                    •   Mystery Program that salvation (justification unto eternal life) for us as members of “the                         church the body of Christ” is attributed to our faith in the cross work of Christ – Romans 3:27-
                        31. Therefore trusting/believing in the finished work of the cross (His death, burial and                         resurrection) is the object of our faith today. Because Christ is "the head of the church: and he
                        is the savior of the body." Ephesians 5:23 and Colossians 1:18

FACT #118 – The Bible vs. Your So-Called Supernatural Experience(s) – A Binary Choice:
                      This fact addresses "3" of the MOST commonly asked questions from today's believers: 

                    1.) Is God still operating in the supernatural realm today? And if so, then 2.) why is He inconsistent
                    in dispensing His power through divine intervention to "the church the body of Christ"? And 3.) Is
                    special favor, sowing seeds (money) and superhuman faith coupled with constant petitioning etc., 
                    are these the prerequisites for just attracting His attention? The REAL and INTELLIGENT answers
                    to these and similar questions lie within the word of God for this dispensation. The analysis below 
                    is exclusively for those who are inquisitive, aggressive and serious in SEEKING out the absolute 
                    TRUTH as to what is REALLY going on with God today! Because from their observations, the
                    things that they were told to be TRUE, turned out to be FALSE. And to them, the results were so  
                    devastating to say the least, that to such an extentit just doesn't make ANY LOGICAL SENSE
                    WHATSOEVER in their minds. So they conclude, that God's WILL is confusing, ambiguous and 
                    perhaps even unknown, while others don't want anything to do with God or His Bible – again! And
                    still some continue to seek for solace and hope in the practices of Hebraism/Judaism (the Law)
                    which is another GREAT mistake plagued with disappointments. This is their attitude and thinking.

                    The Bible (KJV) is the inspired, infallible, inerrant, eternal word of the living God.....More                     specifically, we have in our possession an Integrated Message System in which every                     detail is anticipated by deliberate, skillful, design that demonstrates integrity of design!                     And the evidence which demonstrates that its origin is from outside our 4-Dimensional
                    Space-Time Continuum – outside our finite reality! Therefore this BOOK, and ONLY this 
                    BOOK, has the divine authority to completely extinguish ALL lunacy and buffoonery which 
                    has always been contrary to God's predestinated PLAN, PURPOSE and revealed perfect
                    WILL for both the Prophetic Program and the Mystery Program. NOTE: In the dispensation
                    of grace, any expectations of deliverance of healings, miracles, signs and wonders are in
                    fact absolute lunacy. And likewise, any expectations of some supernatural mental and/or 
                    physical intervention from God i.e., speaking in tongues, dancing or moving in the Spirit,
                    hearing God's voice, seeing/hearing angels, dreams and visions etc. is buffoonery. These
                    are things manifested literally out of NO knowledge and understanding of the word of God.
                    This admonition is a reminder to all those who are found guilty of elevating and promoting
                    their so-called supernatural experience(s) OVER/ABOVE that which the Bible is clearly in stark
                    OPPOSITION to through the Doctrine for the dispensation of grace. Remember, the Bible is
                    the ABSOLUTE FINAL and SOLE AUTHORITY concerning ALL matters of faith and practice
                    NOT YOUR EXPERIENCE(S) which can change spontaneously on a whim. What the word
                    presents today in terms of supernatural intervention is null and void. Why? Because God
                    decided NOT to deal with us in the same manner as He did with Israel in "time past". Let's
                    face reality people! God's word means what it says, and says what it means! In other
                    words, its important as to what the Bible says, but its equally important as to what it DOES
                    NOT SAY! Why, because there are TWO Cardinal Programs operating in the Bible: (1.) the
                    Prophetic – "the Nation of Israel", and (2.) the Mystery – "the church the body of Christ". 
                    Note, that these TWO major programs, none of which are the same, and their apex
                    doctrines are in NOWISE identicalinterchangeable and/or mixable with each other. Why? 
                    Because they are the complete and absolute antithesis of the other i.e., law vs. grace.

                    Therefore, your indubitable and capricious supernatural experience(s) are consistent with
                    "the sufferings of this present time" Romans 8:18, which is a direct function of "the
                    bondage of corruption" Romans 8:21. That is, whatever is happening on planet earth today,
                    happens to ALL because none are exempt from the calamities of this life. In other words, what 
                    happens to the SAVED also happens to the UNSAVED be it GOOD or BAD because today, 
                    divine exemption status is NOT offered by God based on anyone's salvation. This decision 
                    was predestinated in His PLAN, PURPOSE and revealed perfect WILL for a specific reason
                    for this dispensation. It should be apparent that Satan doesn't want YOU to know this FACT
                    because it would complicate his efforts of deception and perversion, ultimately making
                    it much more difficult if not impossible for him to implement his LIES into your life. 

                    Remember that Satan's works of darkness is specifically designed to conceal you from the
                    light of the truth, by causing you to DENY the light that leads to the truth. His weaponry is
                    contained in his policies of evil which are at work producing doubt, biases, prejudices,
                    presuppositions, confusion and contrivances about the word of God and what God is
                    actually doing today. Moreover, in reality, your so-called supernatural experience(s) are
                    actually less-than ZERO in comparison to the truthfulness and authority of God's word 
                    because, at the end of the day, it is what IT IS – GOD'S WORD that TRUMPS all our biases,
                    erroneous beliefs, thinking and behavior. Now on a somewhat different note, if God's
                    word is intentionally inhibited by one's deliberate stupidity, or by one's ineptness in the
                    knowledge of the Doctrine, both will inevitably prevent the exercising of its authority of
                    enlightenment and correctionand as a result, Satan WILL undoubtedly use God's word
                    against you, in an effort to defeat you through a counterfeit (perverted/false) gospel.

                    Now on the other hand, IF your supernatural experience(s) are completely substantiated in the
                    word of God "rightly divided", meaning completely VOID of ANY of Israel's doctrine, and IF they
                    are synchronized with God's PLANPURPOSE and perfect WILL for the dispensation of grace,
                    as asserted by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through Paul OUR Apostlethen you have NO
                    opposition to your supernatural experience(s). Why? Because the Bible would be in absolute lock-
                    step agreement with and in support of your testimony and assertions such that it would all
                    scripturally BALANCE OUTThat is, NO ambiguities and NO arbitrariness because God's word is 
                    NOT obfuscated when you are obedient to His direct command to "rightly divide the word of truth".

                    BUT to the CONTRARY, you have some GROSS DOCTRINAL ERRORS incorporated in your
                    thinking that need immediate attention. Because, IF those NEGATIVES go UNADDRESSED and
                    UNCORRECTED, this condition of disconnection from the REALITY of the word of God, WILL
                    ultimately prevent you from receiving your "joint-heirs with Christ" inheritance, and the chance
                    to be glorified together with Him out in "the creature". My question is simple, DO YOU FULLY
                    UNDERSTAND THE GRAVITY OF ALL THIS? Remember to put the word of God at the HELM
                    and NOT your supernatural experience(s). In so doing, you will avoid unnecessary mental stress,
                    depression, grief, anguish, anxiety and disappointments. Now, it should become apparent that
                    WHY would anyone would want to continue down this false path of uncertainty, instead of the true
                    path of certainty? The sad disappointing answer to this is, an unbelief in the word of God for the  
                    dispensation of grace. Unfortunately, this type of attitude and thinking is directly consistent with 
                    and is the epitome of Neurotic Behavior (repeating the same behavior while expecting a different
                    result), a term used by clinical psychologist, see FACT #74 also it defies good COMMON SENSE.

                    Importunity, An Exercise In Futility:

                    No matter how much or how hard we try to petition God to intervene supernaturally in our lives by
                    His omnipotent and omniscient power, He is NOT going to do it. Why? Because He is simply NOT
                    operating in those superficial realms today! He is NOT making ANY EXCEPTIONS to His current
                    PURPOSE for ANYONE under ANY circumstance ANYWHEREthe evidence of this FACT 
                    should be and are profoundly obvious! Just STOP and THINK! Today, sudden calamities DO
                    NOT discriminate nor are they prejudice or have biases, they dispense their cloaks of adversities
                    equally upon ALL, to the justified (saved) as well as to the unjustified (unsaved), NO one is EVER
                    exempt! Why? Because we're ALL living in a fallen world, in unredeemed bodies, that are totally
                    subjugated to "the bondage of corruption", scientist terms this effect "entropy", which means the
                    degradation of matter and energy over time resulting in a degree of disorder or uncertainty in a
                    thermodynamic system. This is the main reason for deterioration of our bodies, our planet, and the
                    current state of "the creature" ("the heavenly places"), which is incapacitated or appears dormant.
                    But God has provided a unique doctrine encapsulated in Romans – Philemon, that contains all
                    the necessary tools for equipping us to mentally handle "the sufferings of this present time" while 
                    at the same time, putting His wisdom and the power of His grace on display for the world to
                    observe. Why? Because this is His PURPOSE which is in accordance with His REVEALED and
                    PERFECT WILL (Romans – Philemon) which is in accordance with His PLAN and PURPOSE for
                    "the body of Christ" living in the dispensation of grace. Moreover, the only wise and intelligent
                    decision that you and I could ever make, is to get on board with what our heavenly Father is doing
                    today! Listed below are some basic elements contained in these three cardinal components a.k.a. 
                    "The Big Three". They are interconnected strategically through bidirectional paths, with their
                    doctrinal integrity hermetically sealed and insulated and can never be compromised. God's ONLY
                    primary objective, and ONLY top priority and goal today is:

                   1. His PLAN: To reveal to us His mechanical means by which He will repossess "the heavenly
                       places" ("the creature") from the Adversary and his cohorts. This will be accomplished through
                       adopted educated sons and daughters. Also, this is the ONLY ABSOLUTE reason that God
                       predestined to usher in, at the right time (Rom.13:12 & Psa.2:1-3), dispensation of grace in the
                       first place. In "time past", Lucifer had taken over complete control of "the creature". NOTE, the
                       earth will be Israel's responsibility to repossess in "the ages to come", not "the body of Christ".

                   2. His PURPOSE: Briefly, what He is really after and interested in today can be characterized as:

                         - Qualifying us to minister "the gospel of reconciliation" as Ambassadors for Christ in the NOW.
                         - Working in our “inner man” and NOT our “outward man” (must come to accept, believe, and
                           understand the gravity of this through a POSITIVE and proper RESPONSE to the Doctrine).
                         - Educating us in His wisdom, to be displayed both in the NOW and in "the heavenly places".
                         - Preparing us in our vocation for the purpose of deployment and governing – "the creature".   
                         - Displaying the power of His grace to both angelic realms (holy and unholy – Eph.3:10-11).
                         - Conforming us into the image of His Son, for the purpose of becoming the intellectual
                           extension of His divine intelligence to permanently restore, occupy and control "the creature".
                         - Transforming us by the renewing of our minds through the Doctrine in (Romans – Philemon).
                         - Using those things which would be detrimental to us for our benefit, such as "the sufferings of
                           this present time" = "tribulation, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, peril, sword (gun)".
                         - Praying and living in accordance with the Doctrine designed and dispensed specifically for the
                           dispensation of grace, and to NOT utilize ANY of Israel's (Doctrine/Law/Kingdom Promises).
                         - Equipping us to handle "the sufferings of Christ" which is the tribulations of the Gospel.

                    3. His revealed and perfect WILL: The complete education, and the edification of the “inner man”
                        through the Doctrine found in Romans – Philemon. Which is exclusively for "the church the
                        body of Christ" in the dispensation of grace, thereby producing qualified sons and daughters for
                        His use in "the heavenly places" (the creature). This is the ONLY purpose behind "adoption".

                    Is God capricious in what He’s doing in the dispensation of graceThe Logic of the Gospel
                    Analysis should/can answer this question for you. But NOTE it is imperative that you study and
                    understand each logical statement line-by-line in the order given before attempting to proceed. If
                    you need any help understanding FACT #118, my contact info is located on "Pastor & Wife" link ;-)

                    BEGIN the Logic of the Gospel Competent Analysis – God's Program Selector Multiplexer;

                    NOTE1: The logic symbol "<=", indicates an assignment is made from ‘right’ to ‘left’ e.g., in the
                                  expression “a<=b”, the variable "a" is assigned the contents of variable "b".
                    NOTE2: “Doctrine”, is God’s Plan, Purpose and Revealed Perfect Will for the grace dispensation.
                    NOTE3: “Believers”, are the Justified (the saved living and the dead) in the dispensation of grace
                                  on planet earth for approximately the last 2,000 years +/- 100 years etc.
                    NOTE4: "--", is used to indicate comments for enhancing code clarification and explanation.
                    NOTE5: the words and symbols: AND, BEGIN, PROCESS, NOT, ELSE, IF, THEN, ();:, NULL
                                  and END, are all language constructs and syntax's associated with VHDLThis digital
                                  hardware description language parallels the logic found in God's word – COMPLETELY
                                  and PERCISELY (e.g., Romans 11:6). It is used here to vividly demonstrate God's logic.
                    NOTE6: "the_word", is an intermediate output term used below in the logic description.

                    TRUE_c <= ‘1’; -- a constant logical-1
                    Exceptions_c <= (NOT TRUE_c); -- this term represents God’s un-capricious nature and behavior
                    Law <= (NOT Grace); -- "law" inactive, but still under God’s control – one NEGATES the other
                    Grace <= (NOT Law); -- “grace” active, and is the complement of “law” and visa-verse
                    Doctrine <= (Grace AND (Plan AND Purpose AND Will)); -- the Doctrine in (Romans – Philemon)
                    All <= Doctrine; -- contains the things consistently and actively dispensed to all believers,     
                                              -- and they are "inward man"/spiritual things ONLY 
                    None <= Doctrine; -- contains the things consistently and inactively dispensed to all believers, 
                                                  -- and they are "outward man"/physical things ONLY
                    Select <= Doctrine; -- differentiate between what God is doing today, and what He is NOT doing.
                    -- The logic code below was extrapolated directly from the Bible (KJV). It logically and explicitly 
                    -- demonstrates God's un-capricious nature when dispensing His doctrine, be it to the Nation of
                    -- Israel, or to "the church the body of Christ"In essences, God is totally consistent in ALL that He
                    -- DOES!! This behavioral code unequivocally substantiate that assertion and fact COMPLETELY.
                    God's_Un_Capricious_Logic: PROCESS (All, None, Select) -- inputs are "the mind of the Spirit"
                    BEGIN -- process God’s_Un_Capricious_Logic
                        IF (Select) THEN -- this request is in the Doctrine for the dispensation of grace
                            the_word <= (All AND (NOT Exceptions_c)); -- God dispenses to all with no exceptions
                        ELSE IF (NOT Select) THEN -- this request is not in the Doctrine for the dispensation of grace
                            the_word <= (None AND (NOT Exceptions_c)); -- God dispenses to none with no exceptions
                        ELSE -- is needed to complete the logical flow and to avoid a latched condition
                            the_word <= NULL; -- no doctrine dispensed, this default condition will NEVER occur EVER 
                        END IF;
                    END PROCESS God's_Un_Capricious_Logic; -- terminated/suspended
                    -- outputs
                    Believers <= the_word; -- doctrine exclusively or not exclusively for the dispensation of grace

                    END the Logic of the Gospel Competent Analysis – God's Program Selector Multiplexer;

                    It is important to understand that what God does is always tied to His plan, purpose and perfect
                    will. His actions are not ‘hit or miss.’ They are not random. They are not ‘maybe, maybe not.’
                    There is certainty and purpose behind everything He does. If He is doing something, it can be
                    counted on each and every timeIf He is not doing something, then He does not mean to be
                    identified with it. Therefore don't defy the Logic of the Gospel, just accept-it, understand-it, know-it,
                    believe-it and live out-of-it. NO opposing argument can ever deconstruct God's logic and assert it
                    as FALSEIF God is doing something, then He'll do it for everyone that ask – with no exceptions.

                    Final Thought: If one doesn't fully understand the age, the times, the world and the dispensation
                    in which one lives in today, sadly that person is detached from the reality of the word of God –
                    completely clueless and dumbfounded in terms of knowing what God is ACTUALLY doing today. 
                    "If any man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things that I
                    write unto you are the commandments of the Lord. But if any man be ignorant, let him be   
                    ignorant." – I Corinthians 14:37-38. – your apostle Paul just stated that, grace believers won't
                    repudiate God's WILL, but instead confirm it. But to those driven by deliberate idiocy – SO BE IT!

                    Final Admonition: The Doctrine found in Romans – Philemon CANNOT be FAKED. Either
                    you know-it or you don't, there is NO middle ground for neutrality, or for compromising etc.
                    Because the Doctrine is more than capable of finding you out. Remember, this IS the way
                    God has chosen (predestinated) to operate today, and there is absolutely NOTHING that 
                    you or I, nor anyone else can do to change this FACT! Denial is an unintelligent, illogical,
                    foolish and sad response to your heavenly Father's glorious offer of ALL the ages 
                    (past/present/future) combined, an elite privilege and sole opportunity to become qualified
                    to labor together with Him in His business out in "the creature", this is what it's ALL about! 
FACT #119 – GENUINE Change Propagates From the Inside Out, NOT From the Outside In:
               In the dispensation of grace, water baptism DOESN'T do what YOU think it DOES – SAVE. 
                See Also Fact #102 and, I Corinthians 1:17 – where our apostle was NOT sent to baptize folks!
                    The formal doctrinal definition for Baptism” is: {"purification unto sanctification (separateness
                    and/unto holiness) that result in a new identification"}. Initially baptism is an Inter-
                    Dispensational Truth. However, the work of the Holy Spirit down through the millenniums has
                    either coupled or decoupled itself with the methodology and elements involved, thereby producing
                    a profound difference in terms of the way in which baptism gets appropriated in each program
                    i.e., in "the Prophetic" it WAS physically dispensed; but in "the Mystery" it IS spiritually dispensed.
                    Even so, the initial definition still remains unchanged. According to the apostle Paul, water
                    baptism is NOT a requirement nor is it even necessary for salvation in the dispensation of grace
                    because it is considered a WORK that is clearly associated in the Israel program (the Law).
                    Thereforewater baptism today should NOT be practice by ANYONE because Romans
                    3:20 and 28 are in direct opposition to the contrary. Remember, water baptism alone CANNOT
                    and WILL NOT justify you unto eternal life, in other words, save you. That job is solely reserved
                    for the baptizing work performed by the Holy Spirit in your “inner man". This is NOT water! But a
                    DRY baptismEphesians 4:4-6 "one body, one Spirit, one hope, one Lord, one faith, one
                    baptismone God and Father of all," Remember, in this dispensation, REAL change comes/flows from
                    the inside out, NOT from the outside inNote, H2O, CAN NOT penetrate and baptize soul and spirit!!!
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Perverted - Galatian 1:6-9; 2:16; Acts 15:1; 13:39
God's Current Plan, Purpose and 
Will Romans through Philemon

                                 |Justification_4a_Jew| = (FAITH + WORKS);

                                 Note: In the dispensation of Gentile grace, salvation for
                                 a Jew is solely predicated upon Romans 10:9-10 (KJV)
                                 9 "That if thou shalt confess [which is a work] with thy
                                 mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart
                                 that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be
                                 saved. 10 For with the heart man believeth unto
                                 righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made
                                 unto salvation."
                                 Note: These verses ONLY apply to JEWS and NOT to
                                 GENTILES!!  Remember, a Jew has TWO justifications,
                                 whereas a Gentile ONLY has ONE Justification.
Matthew 1:21 "for he shall save his people from their sins."
Fact #103B - God's Repossession Strategy for Creation Can Only be Understood
               from His Perspective through His Objective Lenses of Right Division
               with its Associated Realms/Spheres of Creation Involved, which are
               "the Heavenly Places" and "the Earth". Avoiding God's Principle of
               Right Division is DANGEROUSLY ASININE to Say the Very Least!!!
Note, Without a Fundamental Understanding of the Obvious Distinctions Indicated in Genesis 1:1 Coupled with the Knowledge About Satan's Subsequent Involvement in Both Their Demise, i.e. Corruption of "the Heavenly Places" and Eventually "the Earth" at the Fall of Adam, One Cannot Begin to Properly Understand God's Reason for Inspiring Apostle Paul to Instruct "the Church the Body of Christ", Particularly Pastors (Men), to Divide Truth from Truth 2 Timothy 2:15 "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." Note, the Above ISS (International Space Station) Image Scientifically and Convincingly Substantiates God's Salient Principle of Right Division within HIS Physical Anthropic Universe.