Forgotten Truths is Satan's Untruths Works of Darkness:
FACT #120 – The So-Called Infamous Word – "Dispensation":
                       Is it just a made-up word used only by a miniscule group of believers? Or is it Biblical in nature?

                       The Biblical term “dispensation”, found in the King James translation of the Bible, is a much 
                       avoided controversial term that the vast majority of Christendom has come to literally hate,
                       despise and intentionally ignored because of its implications and meaning in the scriptures.
                       But this deliberate idiocy or unintentional oversight, does NOT eradicate nor diminishes the 
                       FACT of its reality implemented by God in His word. God uses dispensations to govern time.

                       Definition: a “dispensation” is an allocated and determinant, administrative period of time in which 
                       God’s sovereignty (NOT Calvinism) either deals directly or indirectly with humanity through the dispensing of
                       specific doctrines, revelations, laws, associated tests, judgements, punishments etc., with the sole intent of
                       accomplishing His predestined sovereign planpurpose and revealed perfect will for His creation.

                       The term “dispensation” is mentioned FOUR times in Paul’s Epistles and therefore is in FACT a real
                       Bible (KJV) term located and used in:

                            1. 1st Corinthians 9:17 – Level 1, second book of the foundational doctrine
                            2. Ephesians 1:10 – Level 2, first book of the advanced doctrine
                            3. Ephesians 3:2 
                            4. Colossians 1:25 – Level 2, third book of the advanced doctrine

                       Note1: it is imperative that you come to understand the meaning of this term used in the
                       scriptures because it is directly associated with the doctrine concerning “Right Division".
                       Note2: this FACT is connected with FACT #118.

FACT #121 – Today, The Coronavirus Pandemic And World Politics Simply Does NOT And Can NOT  
                   Implicate God! Why? Because God Is NOT Currently In Control; Enlightenment Below:

                      Just as God has His agenda for the dispensation of grace, so does Satan has his agenda as well
                      for "the church the body of Christ". Satan's main objective and top priority and goal today is his
                      continued distribution of as MANY of his cloaks, coverings and veils (i.e., "works of darkness") as
                      POSSIBLE. Note, the FIRST "5" cloaks addresses only current KJV Bible users, BUT cloak "6",
                      specifically addresses NON-KJV Bible users. For some people, this cloak may be the most difficult
                      one to remove, but its for their own good. Remember this, Satan's attacks are always directed
                      from the TOP DOWN with ALL manner of subtlety of subversion, and NEVER from the BOTTOM
                      UP. The meaning and ramifications of YOUR decisions gets implemented in YOUR "inner man":

                            Cloak1.) He wants to keep "the revelation of the mystery" from being completely known and
                                          understood, thereby convincing you that Paul actually fabricated his malicious and
                                          divisive doctrines and revelations. They are NOT to be taken seriously whatsoever.

                            Cloak2.) He doesn't want you to know anything about Paul's special and unique apostleship.
                                          Instead, he wants you to view Paul as a heretic, a vain babbler who always peddles
                                          doctrines that don't make ANY sense and are extremely difficult and inflammatory 
                                          to understand and believe.

                            Cloak3.) He doesn't want you to understand that this is a "dispensation of the grace of God".
                                          But instead he wants you to believe that you're still under the jurisdiction of the Israel                                           program and that Jesus' earthly ministry is still in effect and that apostle Peter and the
                                          Eleven are still YOUR apostles, and therefore you MUST follow THEM instead of
                                          Paul to get to the kingdom on earth i.e., "the New Jerusalem" and "the New Earth". 

                            Cloak4.) He doesn't want you to know that God has temporarily interrupted His program with
                                          the Nation of Israel, so that YOU would continue practicing a mixture of Israel's
                                          doctrine with the doctrine for "the church the body of Christ". Thereby completely
                                          nullifying the effectiveness of "the gospel of grace" and its salient tenets from working
                                          in your life. Satan also knows that if you remain in this defeated condition/state, you
                                          would never become an existential threat to his current agenda. This type of attitude
                                          and thinking makes Satan an hilarious and a very, very "happy camper" in your life.

                            Cloak5.) He doesn't want you to know and understand the doctrine of "Right Division" and
                                          "Sonship", because he knows that this unique and powerful knowledge would
                                          completely decimate his entire agenda for your life, by rendering his war machine of
                                          perversions and deceptions, unsalvageable, worthless and ready to be discarded 
                                          from your life. Satan fears this!

                            Cloak6.) He wants you to USE one of HIS translations of the Bible instead of the King James
                                          translation for obvious reasons – secured utter blindness by convincing YOU that HIS
                                          bible translations are easier to read, to understand, to believe, to digest and is from God!                                           Satan MUST eliminate the REAL inspired and preserved word (KJV) of God in order for HIS
                                          agenda to be successful. With the TRUE word of God completely out-of-the-way, everything
                                          else morally becomes elementary to conquer. What follows next, IS all relevant to cloak six:

                      Bible Translations – Satan's Deadly Shell Game, But By Knowing The Truth, You
                                                                Don't Have To Play!
                      Believe It Or Not, Your Bible Comes From ONE Of TWO Places On Planet Earth. But The Issue Is,                       What If Your Greek New Testament Originated From The Wrong Place? Then What Kind of Study  
                      Bible Do You THINK You Have In Your Possession? Can You Identify The Counterfeit? Your Bible's 
                      Old Testament Should Have Been Translated From Jacob Ben Chayyim Masoretic Text, NOT Moses Ben
                      Asher Masoretic Text. But the BIG Issue is With the Source of Your Greek New Testament Manuscripts.

                      This very brief and somewhat chronological expository, is exclusively referencing cloak number six, Bible
                      translation issues. This is a very serious subject that EVERY believer on earth needs to know and understand 
                      completely, because these vital issues will effect which Bible that you have put your complete trust in as being 
                      the inspired and persevered word of God. My sole intent is to point you to God's ONLY true translation, the KJV.

                      Note, there are only TWO STRANDS of Bible history on planet earth(1) Antioch, Syria, and (2) 
                      Alexandria, Egypt, both with contrasting philosophiesDo you know which one of the TWO countries your Bible's
                      Greek N.T. translation originated from and why? Do you know and understand the important implications and
                      ramifications of both countries from God's perspective? Do you know and understand the primary
                      differences between Egypt and Syria as concerning Greek New Testament manuscripts/codice?
                      Do you know and understand the doctrinal and/or textual differences between Westcott-Hort (Critical Text) and
                      Textus Receptus? Have you ever heard of the terms/names Westcott-Hort and Textus Receptus? If
                      you answered 'NO' to any question, you MUST continue reading because its to your benefit/advantage.

                      Terminology Used: "Byzantine text-typeis synonyms with Majority Text, Traditional Text, Imperial Text,
                      Ecclesiastical Text, Reformation Text, Constantinopolitan Text, Antiocheian Text, Syrian Text and Universal
                      Text. The reason the text was called "Byzantine" is because it was in the Greek church for over 1000 years during
                      the "Byzantine" period (312 – 1453 AD). For approximately 1900 years the church used the "Received Text".
                      "text-typeis a pattern of similar readings: descriptive, narrative, expository, and argumentative.
                      "Divine Inspiration" and "Divine Preservation" are the only primary doctrines God deployed to
                      secure the original divine content of His word"Manuscripts" are hand written copies of the
                      autograph documents"Eclecticmeans to include things taken from many different sources. 
                      "Autographis the original documents written in the apostle's own hand writing. "Codex" is a
                      manuscript assembled into book form. "Ante-Nicene" represent a period between the mid 1st
                      century AD and the start of Catholicism in 325 AD testified to by the writings of the early church
                      fathers e.g., Polycarp, Irenaeus, Cyprian, Ignatius, Tertullian, Papias of Hieraphis as well as others.
                      "Dynamic/Functional Equivalencymeans when translatingto NOT take into account what the
                      original author or document said, but rather take into account what is called "perlocution". 
                      "Literal/Formal Equivalency" means translating exactly what the author or document originally said.
                      "Perlocution" An act of speaking or writing that has an action as its aim but that in itself does not
                      effect or constitute the action. This term is associated with "Dynamic/Functional equivalency". 
                      "Illocution" An act of speaking or writing which in itself does effect or constitute the intended 
                      action. This term is associated with "Literal/Formal Equivalency".​ "Extant" means in existence.

                      Textus Receptus vs. Westcott-Hort and The Apostasy of The Critical Text

                      "The Traditional Text receives more support from the early church fathers than does the Critical
                      Text." – Dean John W. Burgon

                      Don’t fool yourself, Satan knows that the King James Version of the Bible New Testament, was                       originally translated from the inspired and preserved Greek New Testament manuscripts (i.e.,                       copies of the autograph) known as the Byzantine (Traditional Text) text-type, where 99.2% out of 
                      6059 manuscripts agreed at the time of the KJ Translators. These divine manuscripts have their unique and holy
                      beginning in Antioch, Syria, the location of the first Christian church under Paul’s apostleship.                       These manuscripts were extensively used, copied by scribes using “Literal/Formal Equivalency” 
                      method and then distributed by the apostles and their closest associates and brethren to the early                       Christian Churches all throughout Asia Minor (modern day Turkey), Syria and Jerusalem. Lucian of                       Antioch in 250-312 AD, was an editor, believer, educator, literalist and scholar who taught at the
                      school in Antioch. He was also responsible for collecting all manuscripts (Traditional Text) from all the churches
                      where the Apostle Paul had taught and preached. Obviously as time passed, these divinely inspired and
                      preserved manuscripts eventually had found their way into Alexandria, Egypt, a city saturated in Gnosticism,
                      Arianism, Neoplatonism, Egyptian, and other eastern science, philosophy and theology. Real Christianity was a                       minority sect in Alexandria at the time of Philo, Plato, Pantaenus, Constantine, Clement and Origen
                      (an allegoristall of which were respected educators in this region. Eusebius Pamphili was a devoted student                       of Origen and also an influential friend of JeromeOrigen was a devout student of Clement of Alexandria. 
                      These pagan philosophers along with their Gnostic scribes as well as others, had a significant influence in the                       Catechetical School and the great library at Alexandria teaching, preaching and practicing their perverted and                       heretical doctrines. Their Gnostic theology concerning the scriptures would eventually result in the future 
                      discovery of EXTREMELY tainted Byzantine (Majority Text) text-type located in this region centuries later that                       would ultimately become the foundation for many perverted and corrupt doctrines concerning the deity of the Lord                       Jesus Christ, His resurrection, His blood atonement, His perfect imputed righteousness void of                       works, His virgin birth, eternal life as well as many other vitally important doctrinal instructions for Christians.

                      The Byzantine (Majority Text) text-type existed long before the start of Catholicism (i.e., the
                      Nicene/Nicea Council in 325 AD in Rome). The Ante-Nicene Church Fathers quoted from these
                      inspired and preserved Greek New Testament manuscripts. One prime example is that of the
                      early church father Cyprian who substantiated this assertion completely by quoting directly from
                      1st John 5:7 in his “Treatises of Cyprian” before his death in 258 AD. His quotation which
                      completely substantiated Christ’ deity was recorded long before Constantinople and the East
                      Roman/Byzantine Empire came into existence. These manuscripts are classified as extant documents.
                      It was not until 1515-16 AD, that Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam, Dutch Renaissance humanist,
                      Catholic priest, teacher and theologian initially compiled/restored and published five revisions from
                      less-than ten copies of the Byzantine (Syrian/Antiocheian Text) text-type. But it wasn’t until his 
                      third revision that actually laid the foundation/basis for Textus Receptus (Received Text). Textus
                      Receptus is closely related or linked to the Byzantine (Majority Text) text-typeErasmus’s work
                      became the standard text for hundreds (over 4 centuries) of years. Finally Erasmus’s work was
                      essentially reproduced by French printer Stephanus and Dutch printers the Elzivir brothers, and
                      Reformation scholar Beza. The texts of Beza and Stephanus underline the New Testament of the
                      King James Version of 1611 AD. Then in 1633 AD, Erasmus’s work was officially named Textus 
                      Receptus (Received Text) by the Elzivirs second edition. This is the Greek New Testament that
                      would later on become officially known as Textus Receptus, which would then go on to be translated into the first
                      German Bible version in 1534 AD by Martin Luther of Germany, and then translated into the first
                      English New Testament version in 1526 AD by William Tyndale of England respectively. 
                      Both men were in opposition to Catholicism. Here is the list of eight English Bibles that were translated
                      directly from Erasmus' Traditional Text(1) Tyndale 1525 AD, (2) Coverdale 1535 AD, (6) Geneva
                      1557 AD, (8) King James 1611 AD, (3) Matthew 1537 AD, (4) Taverner 1539 AD, (5) Great 1539 AD
                      and (7) Bishop's 1568 AD.
                      But, in the 1800’s AD, two prominent Cambridge Biblical scholars and theologians B. F. Westcott
                      and F. J. A. Hort, along with their colleague and friend German scholar Count Constantine von
                      Tischendorf, would go on to discover manuscripts that would laid the foundation for ALL modern
                      apostate translations and/or versions of the Bible even the NKJV. The NKJV New Testament
                      compromised at least 10% of its text for the NU-text as a result of a copyright law.
                      “Dynamic/Functional Equivalency” methodology was utilized by Westcott-Hort on manuscripts
                      that were already corrupted centuries ago, but now coupled with their own evil biases and hatred
                      toward Textus Receptus motivated them even more to discredit the validity of the Received Text.

                      These corrupt Greek New Testament manuscripts would officially become known as the
                      Minority/Critical (Alexandrian/Egyptian/Hesychian/Local Text) text-type, where only 0.8% out of 45 
                      manuscripts agree. Today, they are individually knowns as: (1) Codex Alexandrinus dated 400-440 AD,
                      discovered 1630 AD; (2) Codex Vaticanus dated 325 AD, discovered 1841 AD; and (3) Codex Sinaiticus
                      dated 350 AD, discovered 1853 AD and the Septuagint discovered 1844 AD; these are all considered by the vast
                      majority of Byzantine (Majority Text) text-type proponents as the absolute epitome of perversion and
                      corruption of the Byzantine (Syrian/Antiocheian Text) text-typeCodex Sinaiticus is also
                      known as Codex Aleph and was initially discovered in 1844 AD by C. von Tischendorf. These
                      manuscripts were found discarded in St. Catherine’s Greek Orthodox Monastery located at the
                      base of the traditional (Egypt) Mount Sinai Peninsula.
                      However, Codex (B)eyth was initially found in 1481 AD in the Vatican Library in Rome by their
                      own librarians or custodians. Both Codex Aleph and (B)eyth were ultimately used by Satan to
                      produce HIS translations of the Bible for the sole purpose of deception and confusion. Satan’s
                      attack plan was fully implemented beginning in 1853 AD and running to 1881 AD that resulted in a
                      laborious and tedious task that took Westcott-Hort, 28 to 30 years to complete Satan’s Apostate
                      translations. These manuscripts would come to be known as the Westcott-Hort text, this is their
                      version of the Greek New Testament manuscripts from which ALL modern bible versions are
                      directly translated from since 1881 AD. That means that there have been ONLY TWO competing
                      Greek New Testament manuscripts in the history of planet earth that carry enormous theological 
                      weight by modern Bible scholars and theologians, they are known as Textus Receptus, which is 
                      based on the Byzantine (Majority Text) text-type and Westcott-Hort text, which is based on the
                      Critical/Minority (Alexandrian Text) text-type. There are astonishing and stark differences
                      between these two Greek New Testament manuscripts that justify textual comparison between
                      KJV and ANY OTHER translation e.g., NIV, RV, NRSV, ASV, NWT etc. Because this knowledge
                      should bring an absolute awareness with a vigilant mindset concerning what Bible translation that
                      you THINK you trust and consider as the actual truly inspired and persevered word of God.

                      Case and point, examine and compare 1st John 5:7, in the KJV with the same verse found in the
                      NIV. Notice that verse 7, is completely missing from the NIV bible! This is one example of many
                      additions, omissions, substitutions, compromises etc. This scripture is of vital importance to the
                      believer because it references the Trinity/Godhead or the Deity of Christ as an equal with God the
                      Father. But in the NIV bible, Christ is NOT the second person of the Godhead and therefore He is
                      NOT considered deity meaning He is NOT God nor is He equal with God, because He was a
                      created being – this is pure and absolute Arianism! WHY IS THIS! Simple answer, because the
                      Greek New Testament manuscripts known as the Westcott-Hort text are in fact a grossly vile
                      corrupt group of manuscripts whose origin derived from Alexandria, Egypt. Today, there are two
                      main strands of modern apostate Greek text, Nestle-Aland Greek text (NA27) and United Bible
                      Society Greek text, both fall into the same category of perversions and corruptions through their
                      connection with the Critical/Minority (Alexandrian Text) text-type. As a result, modern bibles
                      New Testament translations are currently being produced from these texts. Nestle-Aland and
                      United Bible Society merged into one entity – NU-Text.​ Their initials "NU-Text" can be found in
                      the New Testament of any NKJV bible.

                      Neither Codex Aleph or (B)eyth was EVER used directly by the Roman Catholic Church. Because at
                      that time (320-325 AD) and for the next one thousand years, Jerome's Latin Vulgate became the
                      official Bible of the Roman Catholic Church and the foundation of all their damnable heresies such                       as MariologyTrans-Instantiation, the Eucharist, the Ecumenical Movement/Practice, Baptismal Regeneration,
                      Purgatory etc. Jerome's Latin Vulgate was translated from Origen's Hexapla, and Eusebius' Codex Aleph.
                      Most theologians and scholars also seem to believe that Codex B (Vaticanus), came from Origen's Hexapla.

                      Today, ALL modern Bible versions and/or translations, excluding ONLY the King James Version,
                      have their satanic beginning and foundation deeply rooted in Alexandria, Egypt – a hardcore undeniable FACT! 
                      Because historically this is the only geographical location on planet earth where ALL grossly corrupted Greek
                      New Testament manuscripts were produced and propagated during the Roman/Byzantine Era. Both Codex
                      Aleph and (B)eyth were considered eclectic manuscripts plagued with all type and manner of corruption. "..
                      these documents are both of dubious origin…“, as stated by highly respected Bible scholar and
                      Dean, John Williams Burgon in 1860-1862 AD, who as well as others had suspected Eusebius Pamphili of 
                      Alexandrian along with his Gnostic scribes, were the producer of these 2 codices, plus 48 Apostate manuscripts
                      during the mid to late 4th century AD for Emperor Constantine’s corrupt agenda. Egypt, God disdain! Moreover,
                      these manuscripts and Egypt herself actually carries an extremely negative and vile connotation from God’s 
                      perspective. God’s negative attitude toward Egypt is clearly evident in the scriptures. But yet and still, Satan
                      would prefer that you BUY and USE one of HIS many translations whose Greek manuscripts are
                      originally and undeniably from the land of Egypt. Why, because he is completely aware of all
                      substitutions, additions, omissions, compromises etc., that were necessary to conceal, confuse
                      and to promote his agenda which is always in direct opposition to God’s plan, purpose and
                      revealed perfect will for the dispensation of grace. Therefore this BOOK, the Authorized Version
                      (AV) of 1611 AD, that later became known as the Authorized King James Version (AKJV), was
                      refined in 1769 AD to correct for printing/spelling errors BUT, the inspired and preserved writings of the apostles
                      has remained consistent with the Antioch Manuscripts. This is the BIBLE we now have today in our possession. It
                      is this BOOK (AKJV of 1769) whose New Testament was translated directly from the inspired and preserved
                      Textus Receptus (the Received Text) a.k.a. Byzantine (Traditional Text) text-type that
                      contains God’s ONLY SPOKEN, inspired, preserved, inerrant, infallible and eternal message of
                      salvation, dispensed and put on display for all humanity to freely receive "by grace through faith" in Christ alone.
                      In the words of Paul our Apostle, “unto all and upon all them that believe.” – Romans 3:22 and
                      Ephesians 2:8 (AKJV). Remember, even today, God is constantly overseeing and preserving His words (KJV).

                      "If you and I believe that the original writings of the Scriptures were verbally inspired by God, then
                      of necessity they must have been providentially preserved through the ages."

                                                                                                                                           – Dean John W. Burgon
                      Final Thoughts:
                      "Satan's works of darkness" was designed and implemented from his five-step plan of dominance
                      – Isaiah 14:12-14. Note the five phrases – "I will". It was from his foolish pride, disobedience,
                      arrogance and sin, that Satan drafted and produced his policies of evil i.e., "the lust of the flesh", 
                      "the lust of the eyes" and "the pride of life", to be used against God's sovereign planpurpose and 
                      revealed perfect will for his creation.

                      NOTE: reference FACT #118 for complete details regarding Satan's war machine of deceptions
                      and perversions that has effortlessly and effectively infiltrated and is now in complete control of
                      the vast majority of today's churches. WHAT-A-BIG-BIG-MESS to say the least, but this is to be
                      expected from the aftermath of a doctrinal "train wreck", and in most cases is also the direct 
                      result from teaching, preaching and studying from the WRONG Bible translation, what a disaster.
                      Wearing Satan's cloak(s), is really NO Joke! There are severe consequences for disobedience to the
                      Doctrine for "the dispensation of grace". YOU need to ask yourself right NOW, is disobedience
                      and foolish pride really worth-it? Because without all of the above knowledge of the Doctrine
                      contained on this website working in your "inner man", directly from the inspired and preserved 
                      word of God – the KJV, you're guaranteed to get yourself into a predicament that you cannot find
                      nor can you give an intelligent, strategic and definitive biblical explanation as to concerning the 
                      constant WHAT'S, WHEN'S, WHERE'S, HOW'S and WHY'S of this life. This FACT is link to FACT #118.

The Book of Acts Key Sequence of Events Leading Up to the Dispensational Change, the Prophetic to the Mystery Transition, 
for the Sole Purpose of Informing the Jew Concerning His Program:

FACT #122 – Two Pertinent Questions About the Dispensational Change that Effect Both Jews
                   and Gentiles Today:

                       "Why is Israel’s (true Israel/“believing remnant”) salvation yet in the future?"    TS, North Platte, NE

                       Israel’s (“believing remnant”) salvation has been temporarily postponed until “the church, the body of
                       Christ” has been completely removed (raptured) from planet earth. Remember the sequence of events at
                       the beginning of the dispensation of grace, particularly during the diminishing phase in Israel’s
                       supernatural prophetic program – see above diagram. God allowed “the believing remnant” to finish
                       writing their epistles (Hebrews – Revelation) and then, God eventually allowed all of them to completely
                       die out for a specific purpose and reason. Why? Because God had initiated a new dispensation in which,
                       their doctrine would have been in stark opposition, that is, diametrically opposed to, in conflict and
                       contentious with the new doctrine that was designed and implemented for the dispensation of grace. More
                       specific, God had temporarily set National Israel aside in order to accomplish His plan, purpose and will
                       for His creation by ushering in a new dispensation, spearheaded by ONE unique and special apostle –
                       Paul. Therefore at the end of this dispensation, climaxed by the rapturing of “the church, the body of
                       Christ”, God will then restart/reboot His program with the Nation of Israel exactly where He left off some
                       2000+ years prior. Remember, after the rapture there will NOT be ONE Christian left on planet earth. God
                       will have to raise up/produce a new “believing remnant” (just as He did when Israel's 400 years of silence
                       ended, broken by the birth and appearance of John the Baptist), because the original or historical 
                       “believing remnant” had long since died out. This is the reason why Israel’s (“believing remnant”) salvation 
                       is postponed until sometime after the rapture. Note, when God raises up this new remnant in the future,
                       their doctrine (Hebrews – Revelation) is already in place, recorded and ready to go because they will have
                       but a short time (first 31/2 years of the tribulation period) to educate and edify themselves for preaching
                       and teaching Apostate Israel. And to also spread this news to the Gentile nations of the world concerning
                       the deity of the historical Jesus of Nazareth as the only true God of the universe. Because, what follows
                       next, is Christ’ Second Advent culminated with the battle at Armageddon thereby forever ending "the times
                       of the Gentiles".

                       "Is it predicated on “enduring until the end”?"    TS, North Platte, NE

                       Yes, but first note that the Conditional Covenant (i.e., the Law, which Christ fulfilled at Calvary and that
                       first of 5 mandates which was also fulfilled) and the Davidic Covenant (i.e., king, kingdom, throne, house
                       [linage] and those five mandates), both covenants rest entirely on top of that Abrahamic Covenant (i.e.,
                       land and a people) therefore: This means that “the believing remnant” i.e., true/”all Israel”, must maintain
                       their unwavering Abrahamic faith in the historical Jesus of Nazareth as their Christ, King and Messiah all
                       throughout the tribulation period i.e., from Christ as the Deliver (Romans 11:26) to Christ as the Avenger.
                       As a result of their faith and endurance, they will receive their adoption as sons and daughters upon
                       entering the Millennial Kingdom of Christ – this is the fruition of those covenant promises as indicated
                       including the “new covenant” (all spiritual) that the prophet Jerimiah 31: 31-34 prophesied about.

                       The following scriptures contained in Romans chapters 9, 10 and 11 completely substantiate the
                       fact that Jews are given a second chance at salvation in the dispensation of grace. Also Paul
                       explains to “the church, the body of Christ” the main issues surrounding the Dispensational Change
                       which parallels Luke’s account in the book of Acts. Paul also explains Israel’s current situation, the
                       causes, reasons and results surrounding it as well as their glorious earthly future. These chapters
                       and verses are briefly summarized:

                       In Chapters Nine and Ten, Paul Addresses the Jewish Problem to "the Little Flock" and Apostate Israel:

                       Romans 9:1-5 – Israel's status has changed with God. But God is NOT finish with Israel.

                       Romans 9:6-8 – God makes a clear distinction between the Apostate elements in Israel and “the believing
                       remnant”. God is saying in this passage, just because you are a naturally born descendant of Abraham, 
                       Isaac and Jacob doesn’t really qualify you to be considered a true Israelite in MY sight. Faith in MY Son’s
                       sacrifice as your Christ, King and Messiah is the ONLY determinant factor concerning MY definition of a
                       true Israelite.

                    Romans 9:22-23 – God restrained Himself in the execution of His wrath on Apostate Israel and the
                       Gentile nations. His wrath (“the Lord’s day of wrath”) was next on Israel's prophetic calendar. But instead, He
                       followed His predestinated plan, purpose and will for our salvation by an invitation to humanity to receive Him
                       by grace through faith only. This offer was primarily extended to Gentiles but also includes the Jew in this

                       Romans 9:27 – This confirms the fact that out of the millions and millions of Jews (dead/alive) God always
                       had a “believing remnant” contained in this multitude.

                    Romans 9:29-33 – God said through the prophet Isaiah If it wasn’t for “the believing remnant” in Israel, they
                       would have been no different than Sodom and Gomorrah.  Initially Gentiles did not attain righteousness but
                       now they have attained that righteousness by grace through faith in the cross work of Christ. But Israel
                       thought they could attain God’s perfect righteousness in the energy of their flesh thereby producing their
                       own justification and sanctification just by satisfying God’s standard of perfection, the Law. They failed 
                       miserably as a nation all throughout their past history. But when God sent His Son, who satisfied and
                       fulfilled completely the justice demands of His law, they believed NOT that He was their prophesied Christ,
                       King and Messiah. Therefore Israel as a nation did not attain their salvation by faith but instead failed
                       nationally by their own best efforts at securing their own salvation. Note, the cross is the “stumblingstone”
                       and the law is the “rock of offense”. 

                       Romans 10:1 – Paul is seen here praying that God would save Apostate Israel. This clearly indicates
                       that God is no longer dealing with Israel as a nation at large.

                       Romans 10:9-13 – Paul describes the means for salvation for the Jew in “the dispensation of grace”
                       which now includes Gentiles to indicate to the Jew, that God has temporarily interrupted or suspended
                       their supernatural prophetic program in order to bring to fruition His current plan, purpose and revealed
                       perfect will for “the creature”. These passages describes a Jew's second chance at salvation, today.

                       Romans 10:19-21 – In these 3 verses, God gives the reasons why Israel’s program was halted. God is
                       saying that all throughout Israel’s history, He has been very tolerant and longsuffering in their deliberate 
                       disobedience and consequently has now turned primarily to Gentiles. This is the main reason as a nation
                       why Israel’s program has been temporarily suspended, that's because of their unbelief in their King and
                       Messiah. All throughout Israel’s history, even since the time of Abraham, there has always been, believing
                       elements within Israel alongside of the Apostate elements. Why, because God had predestined “true Israel”
                       i.e., “the believing remnant” to be the mechanical means by which He will repossess the earth back from
                       the Adversary.

                       In Chapter Eleven, Paul Explains to "the church, the body of Christ" Concerning these Issues:

                       Romans 11:1-5 – These passages substantiate the fact that Replacement Theology is nothing more than
                       Satan’s works of darkness, a deceptive lie because God always had a believing remnant in Israel – always.

                       Romans 11:6-10 – Paul teaches that “law” and “grace” are diametrically opposed to each other and that
                       one negates the other meaning that both cannot be active simultaneously. Romans chapters 1-8,
                       profoundly and unequivocally substantiated this fact in the doctrines of Justification and Sanctification.
                       Paul also tells us that the “election” (“the believing remnant”) had obtained salvation, but Apostate Israel
                       was “blinded” due to their unbelief. Remember that the Apostate elements were the vast majority and the
                       “little flock”/”believing remnant” was just a miniscule amount of believers. Israel as a nation today
                       CANNOT and will NOT accept the historical Jesus of Nazareth as their Christ, King and Messiah. God is
                       NOT dealing with Israel and their program today because He’s concentrating on reconciling the world unto
                       Himself by grace through faith in the finished work of the Cross. Israel today cannot believe ("see" nor
                       "hear") in the historical Jesus of Nazareth as their Christ, King and Messiah. Israel has been blinded!

                    Romans 11:11-12 – Paul asserts that Israel’s “fall” wasn’t a result of their “stumbling”, but because of their
                       “fall”, salvation has been offered to Gentiles. The idea here is to provoke national Israel or the Jew to
                       jealousy. Once again, Paul destroys Satan's works of darkness (Replacement Theology). 

                    Romans 11:15-24 – this scripture profoundly substantiate the FACT that God has absolutely NO intentions
                       of replacing “true Israel” with “the church, the body of Christ” in the dispensation of grace, else how would
                       “the heavenly places” get repossessed, “the creature” would be waiting indefinitely, Romans 8:19-22. This
                       type of erroneous thinking is nothing more than Satan’s works of darkness from his policy
                       (Replacement/Systematic Theology) of evil at work in the minds of those who refuse to “rightly divide the
                       word of truth” as commanded by the Lord Jesus Christ through Paul our Apostle.

                   Romans 11:25-26 – Paul asserts that Apostate Israel is in fact “blinded” as initiated by Christ in Matthew
                      16:20 even to this very day. As stated before, this is why their program is set to resume sometime after the
                      rapture (“the fulness of the Gentiles be come in”). When Paul speaks of “all Israel shall be saved” he’s
                      addressing every believer (dead/alive) beginning with Abraham and culminating all the way to those who
                      manage to survive “the Lord’s Day of Wrath”. The remnant will be saved from ALL judgments out in the day of
                      wrath. At Christ’s Second Advent, the Lord fulfills that 3rd of five mandates of the Davidic Covenant  
                      (“Avenger”) and destroys their enemies completely at the Armageddon Campaign. Note during this time, the
                      first three mandates (“Redeemer”, “Deliver” and "Avenger") have already been fulfilled. That just leaves two –
                      “King” and “Blesser” both to be fulfilled in the millennial kingdom.

                       Romans 11:30-32 – Paul is saying in “time past”, Gentiles were in the same predicament as Apostate
                       Israel was in terms of unbelief. Even though God opened up a “dispensation of grace” and “mercy” for
                       Gentiles, He has also included those Jews who want to believe in the new doctrine of “grace” and “mercy”.
                       Note this constitutes Israel’s second chance at salvation, more specifically, the Jew. God has concluded 
                       that all non-believers (be it Jews/Gentiles) will receive His “grace” and “mercy” in this dispensation with the
                       chance to be reconciled back to Him through faith in the cross work of Christ. This constitutes “the one
                       man” in Ephesians 2:17, “a new creature” in Galatians 6:15, and NO physical/racial/ethnic etc., distinctions
                       in Galatians 3:28.

                       Final Thought: Paul's message to the Jew in the dispensation of grace is to be:

                              1. Justified unto eternal life i.e., saved from the debt and penalty of sin.

                              2. Delivered from the Apostate Nation (Orthodox/Unorthodox Judaism/Hebraism - the Law).

FACT #123 – Our Heavenly Father's Brief Admonition Regarding Ineptitude of the Majority of Pastors:
                      Do WE fully understand the eminence gravity and repercussions for preaching and teaching folks from an
                      erroneous, perverted and counterfeit doctrine? My primary goal here is to reveal to US if possible, TWO
                      cardinal component paradigms that have always existed in the Bible (KJV) – this is NOT something that is
                      made-up, BUT an absolute logical FACT, and there’s NO WAY around it! The WRONG doctrinal model that
                      WE unwittingly choose to passionately embrace and defend, God will definitely judge harshly. Therefore it
                      is incumbent upon US to choose WISELY by allowing the word of God to do all the intelligent and logical
                      thinking for US. Why? Because ultimately, “the Bible (KJV) is the absolute final authority concerning ALL
                      matters of faith and practice”, NOT ME OR ANYONE ELSE. Now the question becomes, are WE seeking
                      Subjective TRUTH or Objective TRUTH? Both are explicitly addressed in the pastor's admonition below.

FACT #124a – Undeniable Irrefutable Proof that ONE of TWO Types of Inheritance Rewards Will be 
                   Presented to Believers by Christ from the Bema Seat and they are NOT the Same!
                       Extrapolation and analysis of the logic of the gospel has clearly identified and substantiated the
                       distribution of TWO different types of inheritance rewards. Both of which are based solely on the TWO
                       governing aspects of our relationship with our Heavenly Father – Justification and Sanctification.

For more detailed info concerning the book of Acts, see the above "Linear Timeline of Events". Also examine diagram "God's TDM of Both Programs", located on link "About Us", this diagram displays the actual linear timeline signal generated or produced by God multiplexing both program doctrines. Technically this is called "Time-Division Multiplexing", this is the way God designed it, and is also the means by which HE can intervene for the purpose of toggling between both cardinal programs based upon HIS pre-allocated predetermined "TIME" period (tp). Also there is NO program logic contention in HIS design implementation. And as a result, WE receive the pure doctrine dispensed to US uncontaminated and uncorrupted by Satan's "works of darkness" and "his policies of evil". Therefore ANY deviation from God's "multiplexerlogic, constitutes darkness coupled with the inability to identify and delineate God's truth from Satan's counterfeit and demise. What's so pitiful about all of this is, here WE are, after spending OUR entire lives thinking and believing that WE were actually preaching and teaching people God's will for today, and convincing OURSELVES that God was really satisfied with OUR labor. BUT then, WE come to a SHOCKING and devastating realization at the Bema Seat, that WE were actually in total gross doctrinal error ALL OUR LIVES – WHAT A SAD, SAD predicament. BUT as long as WE are in the land of the living and the rapture of "the church the body of Christ" is still actively pending, WE have a  golden opportunity to rectify OUR ineptness and ignorance of the word of God, in the sight of God RIGHT NOW! Because the FACT of the matter is this, WE as pastors, have ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE that WE could even begin to muster up/manufacture and present to The GOD of This UNIVERSE that would influence or sway HIS decision in OUR favor on THAT DAY – NOTHING because its a DONE DEAL!  :-(   I would like to conclude this admonition with a statement I made at the beginning – "WE HAD BETTER KNOW WHAT WE'RE DOING WITH HIS BIBLE (KJV)."

WARNING: God is Intentionally and Intensely Looking and Listening Especially to the Pastor!
Because HE Has Revealed Truth to US, and WE Had Better Handle it Carefully and Properly.

FACT #125 – Biblical Adoption, What It IS and What It’s NOT! God Did NOT Adopt Us Just Because 
                   We Were Orphans. Biblical Adoption Means Something Entirely Different Than Our
                   Modern Western Culture's Interpretation And Practice. This Truth is of Vital Importance:
                      We were ALL adopted at salvation. But NOW the responsibility of making that all-important decision falls
                      solely on us. In the dispensation of grace, do we really want to be EDUCATED by our Heavenly Father for
                      the purpose of becoming a qualified ADULT for His use in “the heavenly places”, or are we just content 
                      on being a CHILD? Our adoption status is either ACTIVE/INACTIVE, both have their explicit implications.

                      Scripture ReferencesRomans 8:14-15; Galatians 4:1-75:1 and 5:13. But note, Ephesians 1:5 is in a slightly                       different context. Paul asserts here that “adoption” was “predestinated” by God for initial induction purposes via 
                      salvation into “the family of God” as “the children of God”. Again, Paul is speaking here at the corporate/generic
                      top-level as a whole. Because God "foreknew" in eternity past, that one day, He wanted and would have adopted                       educated sons and daughters to help participate in rulership with Him as part of His glorious planpurpose and
                      will for “the whole creation”. So, to keep things in their proper perspective, Israel’s “adoption” will take place during
                      the Millennial Reign of Christ on earth, and is specifically for repossessing ONLY the earth, while “the church, the
                      body of Christ” “adoption”, which is NOW, is specifically for repossessing ONLY “the creature” – this body of truth
                      can only be revealed by the doctrine of Right Division. Also note in Romans 9:4, Paul mentions “adoption” again
                      but this time it is in the context concerning "the Dispensational Change". Originally "adoption" pertaineth to Israel.
                      Romans 8:23, “adoption” here is representative of God completing His 3-fold salvation process by redeeming our
                      bodies for His great use in “the heavenly places”, this will all become reality at “the blessed hope” – “the Rapture”.
                      Our adoption status being either active or inactive explicitly categorizes God's "heirs" into two major groups with

                        1. An unadopted individual actually implies CHILDHOOD/CHILD "heirs" which is no different than a “servant”.
                            He/she is under “tutors” and “governors” with restrictions as dictated by “the law”, and he/she would have very
                            limited decision-making if any. This condition is reminiscent of the “Israel program” in "time past" - INACTIVE.

                        2. An adopted individual actually implies ADULTHOOD/ADULT "heirs" which is over that of being a “servant”.                             He/she now have “liberty” to make personal decisions as well as decisions made on the Father’s behalf. This                             condition represents the “but now” which is in connection with “the mystery program” under “grace” - ACTIVE.

                      Adoption in today’s modern western culture is NOT the same thing as biblical adoption was during the Greco-
                      Roman world at the time of Paul. Adoption was understood and practiced only by the elite ruling class of Greeks                       and Romans. Adoption was never legislated as law in Jewish/Hebrew culture in antiquity although the elements  
                      and basic concepts were recorded and practice in the O.T. writings. Also adoption does not necessarily mean the                       acquirement of a child from another union for reasons that were emotionally motivated. Remember, this is a hard
                      Greco-Roman world and therefore, adoption was seen as something very beneficial and meaningful. Adoption
                      was more prevalent among sons than with daughters. Therefore, this is the type of adoption that the Apostle Paul
                      is referencing five times in his epistles. Don't misconstrue biblical adoption with today's modern western practice.

                      Biblical adoption was primarily for the natural-born children of a family with its primary focus on the welfare of the                       family’s name and the family’s business reputation. To the Father, these things were paramount to say the least.
                      But if the Father had to adopt outside the family due to a lack of interest from his natural-born children, that
                      adopted son/daughter now has all the legal rights, privileges and liberties as his natural-born son/daughter would
                      have had if they had been qualified for his process of adoption. Again, adoption is in connection with his business.
                      Biblical adoption was only done to secure the integrity of the Father’s name and the reputation of His business.

                      Initially, the Father looks out among all his children for specific character traits in the son/daughter that he would                       adopt. Meaning, the Father is looking for an interest, a willing heart, commitment, dedication, enthusiasm etc.
                      NOT just a son/daughter to run the business for the sake of just running the business. But a son/daughter that
                      would exhibit his unique characteristics of prudent thinking, living and laboring, because the future success of his                       business and the reputation of his name, rest solely on his educated adoptee. The Father's choice, inerrant.
                      Biblical adoption in the Greco-Roman world of Paul's day, was generally accomplished by the following process:

                        1. As previously stated, at very young ages, the Father would begin to study the behavior and observe the
                            interest of his children just to see if any one of them demonstrates leadership qualities, inquisitiveness, and 
                            the necessary aptitude and enthusiasm to be educated by him for the purpose of taking over the family                             business in the future. The children are totally unaware that they are being observed in this light by the Father.

                        2. When that child reaches the appropriate age, say between 18 - 22, the Father would then terminate/dismiss
                            all direct services rendered by the hired tutors and governors that were assigned to that child that he’s about
                            to adopt into the family business. As already mentioned, the child's attitude plays/has a significant part in this.

                        3. Next there would be a big celebration and ceremony for the adoption process. Many of the Father’s family                             members, business associates, political friends, peers, etc. would be in attendance for this formal affair. This                             was a grand occasion. In addition, the transition from CHILD to ADULT was also represented by a change in                             garments – from “toga” of childhood to “toga virilis” of adulthood. The Father’s ring was given to finalize the                             transfer of power. This public ceremony represents to the adoptee, a major transition in his/her life i.e., going                             from that of a CHILD/minor, to NOW becoming an adopted ADULT son/daughter who is NOW about to                             become completely educated by the Father and the Father’s curriculum. The son respond with excitement!

                        4. The Father adopts that son/daughter and begins to personally educate him/her in all detailed aspects i.e., the
                            idiosyncrasies and nuances of running the family business. This adoption gets implemented over time by the
                            transferring of the Father’s wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience to that adopted son/daughter. This is
                            called, being educated by the Father/educated in the wisdom of the Father. The end result is, when the Father
                            is off the scene, that adopted son/daughter is now educated and qualified enough to effectively engage in all
                            levels and aspects of key decision-making and control, as though the Father himself was still on the scene
                            running the business – in other words, no difference in governing. But if a Father’s children show no interest at
                            all in the family business, then the Father looks outside the family as previously stated. This was done so that
                            the integrity and the success and the character of the Father and the Father’s business could be successfully 
                            passed on from generation to generation. NOTE, if only one son/daughter was adopted from among his/her
                            siblings, ONLY that adopted son/daughter would have ALL legal rights and controlling interest whereas the
                            unadopted siblings would not have ANY legal rights and/or controlling interest in the family’s business even
                            though they’re his naturally-born children. Also, an adopted son/daughter whether naturally-born or from
                            outside the family, is in a much stronger and far more powerful position of control and authority than any of the
                            other heirs (siblings). Consequently adoption is the transfer of power from the Father to the qualified recipient.

                        5. As an end-result of the adoption process, the Father can now with absolute and complete confidence,
                            turnover a portion/all of his business to that adopted son/daughter without ANY second thoughts what so
                            ever. Why? Because that adopted son/daughter now has the wisdom of the Father installed in him/her i.e.,
                            to be able to think, live and labor prudently in the exact same way that he did. This process can ONLY get
                            accomplished with total success, when administered directly by the Father and HIS education curriculum.

                      LIKEWISE, your/our Heavenly Father has an education curriculum that runs from Romans through Philemon that
                      encapsulates all the intricacies concerning His wisdom that will ultimately bring glory to Him and the angelic realm.
                      His education curriculum contains two top-level cardinal doctrines, Right Division and Sonship Edification. These
                      two cardinal doctrines combine, will unequivocally put the power of His grace on display in both heaven and earth.

                      Biblical adoption in the dispensation of grace is directly connected to your Heavenly Father’s business. Your/our
                      Heavenly Father is really after adopted educated adult sons and daughters for the purpose of taking over/running
                      portion of his business in “the creature”. Children will NOT be assigned to positions of rulership but relegated to
                      positions of subordination or perhaps exclusion from certain activities etc. It’s through the mechanism of adoption
                      that God makes His clear-cut distinctions between unadopted CHILDREN/minors and adopted ADULT sons and
                      daughters. Adoption also is the mechanical means by which God will repossess the heavenly places and the earth
                      back from the Adversary. LIKE IT OR NOT, this is how our Heavenly Father views all members of “the church, the
                      body of Christ” in the dispensation of Gentile grace. ACTIVATE your adoption status NOW, before its way too late!

FACT #126 – Our Incredibly Glorious But Inevitable Destiny with God’s Son in the Heavenly Places:
                      "NASA's Hubble Space Telescope is a marvel of the modern age. It has opened astronomy and space
                       exploration to a new generation with its detailed and beautiful images from across the Universe. These
                       videos look deeper and closer at some of Hubble's incredible images. Hubble has allowed astronomers
                       to gaze further into our past than ever before, capturing images according to scientist, that are billions of
                       years old. Incredible deep space astronomy videos that is only possible thanks to Hubble."  Do a Google
​                       Search On: Hubble Astronomy Videos – NASA Hubble Space Telescope: The Wonders of the Universe
                       Listen also to the music the audio adds another dimension of grandeur & majestic awesomeness to these videos.
                       For No Audio Version Copy Link: spacetelescope.org/images/archive/top100/

FACT #126A – Empirical Evidence is the Artifact that the Truth of God Rightly Divided Left Behind:

“Empirical Evidence is the Artifact that the Truth Left Behind.” – Dr. Judy Wood

                     The above quotation was originally asserted by Dr. Judy Wood, a materials scientist and former assistant
                     professor of mechanical engineering. Dr. Wood’s excellent logical analysis with logical conclusions that
                     contradicted the National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) flawed report concerning their
                     interpretation and analysis for the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11, was quite convincing to me! Dr.
                     Wood postulated a powerful "direct/free energy weapon" that caused the complete “Dustification
                     Destruction" of the Twin Towers on 9/11, as well as other strange anomalies and phenomenon i.e.,                               "toasted cars", but "unburned paper", unusually low seismic activity recorded during the collapse of
                     approximately 500,000 tons of concrete and steel, the mass of each tower. All this surrounding that Day
                     that will also "live in infamy"
                     Consequently, this prompted me to listen attentively to Dr. Wood's complete scientific analysis
                     presented on YouTube about objective facts! Immediately upon hearing the above phrase, I recognized
                     its logical meaning and implications etc. Therefore, I have decided to use this quotation because of the
                     pure LOGIC conveyed which is surprisingly equivalent to God’s LOGIC recorded in the Scriptures by
                     Paul, the Apostle of the Gentiles regarding the "Right Division" of God's word (KJV)  2 Timothy 2:15
                     (KJV), which is completely substantiated in Genesis 1:1 (KJV) – the creation of "heaven" and "earth".

                     For Over 2000 Years, Empirical Evidence has Unequivocally Supported Paul’s Epistles Regarding This
                     Dispensation of Gentile Grace. In this Dispensation, God is Not Dealing with Us in the Same Exact 
                     Manner as He did with the Nation of Israel in "Time Past". With Israel, God was working with the
                     "Outward Man", BUT with us, it's the "Inward Man". Note the List Below Constitutes "Empirical
                     Evidence", which means [observations that are objectively verifiable by non-anecdotal sources]:

                     • All humanity on planet earth is currently experiencing “the sufferings of this present time” as a direct
                       result of living in a fallen and uncertain world with unredeemed bodies. NOTE this "present" condition
                       does NOT discriminate against ANYONE at ANY time or place!

                     • God’s material universe is currently under Satan's “bondage of corruption”, scientist terms this effect
                       “entropy” and is known as the Second Law of Thermodynamics, by which systems, (biological and
                       nonbiological) mutate from a state of molecular/DNA structural order, to complete disorder (decay).
                                Essentially, decay of the universe and the earth is a direct result from being under the dominion of sin.

                     • Currently, God is NOT operating out of His supernatural omnipotent power which is clearly evident.

                     • God is NOT supernaturally intervening in our earthly physical problems, circumstances and situations
                       with the intent on rescuing us from something or someone, nor is He orchestrating ANY natural
                       disasters on planet earth, this also includes threats from space, i.e. gamma radiation burst, blackholes,
                       collision with other earth size bodies, giant rogue comets and/or meteors possibly striking the earth etc.

                     • Good things can happen to bad people, while bad things can happen to good people, and vice versa.
                       That’s the nature of the world we’re living in today.

                     • NO ONE is exempted i.e., the “justified/saved” and the “unjustified/unsaved” from the extreme
                       calamities and adversities that WILL be experienced in this life.

                     • God is ONLY interested in the education and edification i.e., the ADOPTION of our “inner man”
                       because of His predestinated Plan, Purpose and Will for the Church, the Body of Christ in this
                       Dispensation of Gentile grace. Therefore God wants educated adopted adult sons and daughters to
                       eventually control His government in "the heavenly places" a.k.a. "the creature".

                     The summation of the above statements constitutes the "Artifact", meaning [something characteristic
                     of a particular time period/trend] meaning NO omnipotent act from God will be demonstrated nor put
                     on display to the world in this dispensation of grace no matter what one thinks or says!  Remember, God
                     is NOT capricious (no flip-flopping on decisions) but consistent in His findings, rulings and executions.

                     The "Artifact" is what our apostle Paul had written to us which has become known as “the knowledge of
                     the truth”. This knowledge was finalized and "left behind" which means [the Biblical (KJV) assertions
                     that everyone on planet earth, at one time or another, will experience "the sufferings of this present
                     time", which are a direct function of "the bondage of corruption" – Romans 8:18 and 21 (KJV), which is
                     also "the knowledge of the truth" of God for today – 1 Timothy 2:4 (KJV), and is the complete Doctrine
                     found in Romans through Philemon].  Paul's completion of his “full revelation of scripture” as indicated
                     in Colossians 1:25 (KJV) and 2 Timothy 4:13 (KJV) is the "Empirical Evidence"="Artifact" that speaks
                     immense VOLUMES against ALL contrary beliefs – IT IS WHAT IT IS, "inner man" edification only.



Sunday, Jan 07, 2018 A.D. – See Facts, Graphs and Diagrams Posted on Our Website www.HisNewCreation.com. Remember, Context and Dispensationalism is the KEY!


What type of inheritance reward are believers planning on receiving, the “heirs of God”, or the “joint-heirs with Christ”? Both inheritance recipients and their rewards are vastly different in terms of God’s perception of them at the Bema Seat – a child, or an adult. A ‘child’ is someone who is doctrinally immature, completely VOID of “the knowledge of the truth”, “the mystery of Christ” and “the hidden wisdom of God in a mystery”. Note, a ‘child’ receives the “heirs of God” inheritance ONLY; but ‘adults’ receive BOTH the “heirs of God” inheritance, PLUSE the “joint-heirs with Christ” inheritance reward. Also note that the “heirs of God” reward(s) is in connection with one’s Justification; while the “joint-heirs with Christ” reward(s) is in connection with one’s Sanctification. Sanctification in the context of His grace applies only to those who live COMPLETELY out of an ACTIVE adoption status as an educated adopted ‘adult’ of their Heavenly Father’s will. Justification and Sanctification packages were already provided for at one’s Salvation. Our Justification package, although perfectly conceived, is unconditional because of the cross work of Christ. There is absolutely NOTHING that we have to do in the procurement of our eternal security, except to believe/trust in Jesus as our All-Sufficient Savior. BUT our Sanctification package, which is also predicated upon the cross work of Christ, and is also perfectly conceived, is completely different. It’s conditional in that a binary choice is made by the believer to either live as an educated adopted ‘adult’ heir, or to remain as a ‘child’ heir with limited/NO elementary knowledge concerning the gospel of His grace – IT IS WHAT IT IS.


Our intent is to raise an acute awareness in the hearts and minds of God’s people by communicating “the knowledge of the truth” – I Tim. 2:4; II Tim. 3:7 and Col. 1:9 (KJV), to both “the church, the body of Christ” and especially to the unjustified of this world, the pure unadulterated doctrine concerning the apex tenets of “the revelation of the mystery” – Romans 16:25. These are forgotten truths and therefore MUST be told!
Specifically, this special and unique “knowledge of the truth”, is the ONLY weapon formulated by God in the age of grace that can effectively thwart and obliterate, completely, Satan’s works of darkness and his policy of evil from operating in the Church and/or in your life, by the complete application of the Power of His Grace and Divine Wisdom. This knowledge can only be activated by FAITH alone in the complete application and implementation of your Heavenly Father’s Wisdom: His Education, His Edification and His Adoption – NOTHING ELSE. Moreover, there are NO omissions, NO substitutions and NO addendums by men, that could EVER contaminate the already established and intended plan, purpose and will of God’s PURE “knowledge of the truth” from accomplishing its designed objective – NOTHING! Therefore, WITHOUT His perfectly conceived, inspired and preserved “knowledge of the truth” governing the “inner man” especially in today’s extremely depraved world, you’re more than vulnerable, you’re ten times plus guaranteed to become victimized by Satan’s plan and policy of evil, it’s inevitable – God knows THIS, Pastor Terry and a miniscule of others knows THIS, and of course Satan knows THIS. Do YOU know THIS? It’s vitally imperative that you do. Let’s not be disloyal and disobedient to our Heavenly Father’s “knowledge of the truth” because there are consequences resulting in resentment.


Can ANYONE sincerely answer this fundamental question and be truthful enough to your Heavenly Father and to yourself? Then here’s the question, “do you believe that the Bible (KJV) IS the ABSOLUTE FINAL AUTHORITY concerning ALL matters of faith and practice”? In other words, do you believe the Bible (KJV) is God’s only objective standard of perfectly conceived, inspired and preserved truth? Email me your answer, but NOT hastily, because I want YOU to really think long and hard about it. I sincerely hope that NO believer has a ‘FINAL AUTHORITY’ problem with God’s Book (KJV). But if one does, that person has NO divine authority overseeing/governing his or her life, an extremely dangerous and nerve-wracking predicament – definitely NO REAL PEACE experienced, only a counterfeit version. If this is the case, I would recommend that YOU immediately resolve this issue QUICKLY between YOU and GOD concerning the trustworthiness of His word (KJV) because this condition can only produce a “great gulf” between YOU and HIM. What’s important to God is your unwavering faith in the truthfulness and validity of His inspired and preserved word (KJV) which constitutes the ONLY bridge/life-line that you have to your Heavenly Father. Therefore WE are to passionately embrace and believe EVERY “jot”, “tittle” and word in GOD’S BOOK (KJV)! HisNewCreation@q.com


Note, by continually refusing to learn and to apply the divinely inspired and persevered doctrinal concepts and principles surrounding “Right Division” and “Sonship”, WILL make one look like a foolish child while standing at the judgment seat of Christ. But this doesn’t have to be, IF one ACTIVATES his/her adoption component.
There are two aspects to God’s WILL for US living in today’s world – “in a nutshell”:

1. God wants the complete Education and Edification of our “inner man” from the Doctrine found and contained in
    Romans through Philemon – Pauline Epistles.

2. God then wants us to live completely out of an ACTIVE Adoption Status as educated adult sons and daughters and
    NOT as ignorant children. An ACTIVE Adoption Status qualifies one to labor with Him in His business in “the
    heavenly places” as well as in the here and now. It’s Education, Edification and Adoption.
    That’s all. ANYTHING to the contrary is a counterfeit and perversion from Satan propagated by men. Remember
    that NO MAN can EVER tell YOU what God’s WILL is for YOU other than GOD Himself by HIS word “Rightly
    Divided”; an irrefutable FACT!


Fact #125: Biblical adoption, what it IS and what it’s NOT. God did NOT adopt US just because WE were orphans. Biblical adoption means something ENTIRELY different than what our modern western culture interpret and consider as legal adoption.

Fact #126: COME and EXPLORE our eternal destiny in “the creature”, LIVE through the incredible high-tech eyes of HUBBLE. Earth is NOT the destiny for “the church, the body of Christ”. The earth is Israel’s destiny to restore, occupy and control all nations. While the Church’s destiny is to restore, occupy and control “the heavenly places”.

Fact #123: ATTENTION ALL PASTORS (MEN)! GOD HAS A BRIEF BUT VITAL MESSAGE FOR ALL PASTORS (MEN)! Are we preaching and teaching Jesus Christ “according to the revelation of the mystery”? Romans 16:25-26, note this is another binary choice.

Fact #124 deals with the confusing issues and concerns surrounding our “joint-heirs with Christ” inheritance in “the heavenly places”. This fact is connected to Fact #123.

Fact #118 deals with modern day CLAIMS of healings, deliverances, miracles, signs and wonders etc. – BUT are they in FACT a gospel TRUTH for US to practice today? NO! Let’s examine exactly what the Bible (KJV) REALLY teaches concerning these hard controversial issues. Note what Apostle Paul asserted in Romans 3:4 – “let God be true, but every man a liar;” that includes ME TOO! Note that Fact #118 is connected to Fact #108. At the bottom of Fact #108, is a brief summarization written in red and blue text that list THREE separate types of deliverances guaranteed by God specifically for members of “the church, the body of Christ” living in the dispensation of grace. These are “inner man” things that produce godly peace, hope, patience, strength etc.

Fact #102A: There are three separate and distinct divisions of mankind existing within “the age of grace”, they are: “Jew”, “Gentile” and “one new man”, see more details.

Fact #102B: Discover what earthly conditions will eventually prompt God to finally rapture the Church. When that happens, Romans 11:25, is completely fulfilled.

Fact #121 deals with the implications and ramifications of wearing ANY ONE of Satan’s cloaks of darkness. These cloaks are the weapons directed toward believers in an attempt to advance his plan and policy of evil by concealing the truth. Also Fact #121 briefly deals with the complex subject concerning Bible Translation Issues. How would you really know that you have the truly inspired and preserved word of God in your possession? Can you substantiate it? Can you identify Satan’s translations from God’s ONLY true translation? ALL other translations contain numerous omissions, substitutions and addendums in comparison to God’s ONLY true translation. And as a result, these perverted translations are doctrinally weak and corrupt, e.g. Christ’s Deity, His Blood Atonement, Faith without Works, the Inspiration and Preservation of Scripture, His Resurrection etc. As a rule, “things that are different are NOT the same”.

Fact #62, deals with Apostle Paul’s warnings to US concerning SIX essential doctrines that HE doesn’t want US to be ignorant of, Satan hopes that we’ll remain ignorant.

Fact #97-100 and timeline diagram “Implementation of the Dispensation of Gentile Grace” addresses the general belief asserted by MANY: That modern day apostles, prophets and tongues are STILL justifiable gifts necessary for operations within “the church, the body of Christ”. IF one believes that the above statement is TRUE, then one MUST completely answer this vital question: What OPERATION of GOD is being accomplished today by those once supernatural gift(s) IN LIGHT OF “the full revelation of scripture”??? IF those gifts are STILL required in the Church, then Colossians 1:25 is a LIE due to incomplete Scriptures! This undoubtedly questions the trustworthiness and truthfulness of God’s word by rendering it suspect, fallible, errant, uninspired and unpreserved. Also this would be a heartless act of chicanery perpetrated on us by our Heavenly Father, and for WHAT reason??? Therefore “let God be true (His Word (KJV)), but every man a liar;” – Romans 3:4. Case and point, the onset period of the dispensation of grace obviously occurred only ONCE historically, in which God was engaged in the dispensing of those special gifts in order to compensate for the lack of completed Scripture for the purpose of edifying those new Gentile converts at that time. God simply would not wait to edify the “inner man” of these new believers for obvious reasons. Therefore TODAY is NOT the onset period that ended in the lifetime of the Apostle Paul. On the contrary, we NOW have “the full revelation of scripture” (KJV) in our possession, and that is exactly what God had predestinated primordially to be our curriculum for today, i.e., education, edification and adoption in the dispensation of HIS grace – this is HIS revealed and perfect WILL contained within Paul’s “full revelation of scripture”, that unequivocally constitutes “the hidden wisdom of God in a mystery”, “a new creature” and “the mystery of Christ” ALL of which are major components of “the revelation of the mystery”. So why continue down a path of idiocy, placing your confidence in so-called modern day apostles, prophets and tongues instead of God’s inspired, preserved and written “knowledge of the truth” for today, is just plain asinine to the nth degree. This is NOT an opinion, but biblical fact!

Fact #110 deals with Sabbath observance. Should members of “the church, the body of Christ” in the age of grace practice Sabbath keeping? Paul asserts an unequivocal NO. Unfortunately the majority of believers DON’T fully understand the Book of Acts.

Fact #65, deals with one of the assertions that TWO cardinal gospels are present in the Bible (KJV) indicated in Galatians 2:7,8,9 – “the gospel of the uncircumcision” = “the gospel of the grace of God” and “the gospel of the circumcision” = “the gospel of the kingdom”. NOTE, if Peter was preaching and teaching the EXACT same gospel as Paul or vice versa, then Peter’s assertion in II Peter 3:15-16 doesn’t make ANY logical rational sense! Because both apostles are in agreement or in sync and understanding is unified. Remember “things that are different are NOT the same” – hint, the TWO gospels – “the gospel of the grace of God” and “the gospel of the kingdom”, different!
Fact #102C deals with the axiomatic reality concerning the unambiguous distinctions God made between Israel’s twelve apostles and Paul’s special and unique apostleship including their respective message and recipients of that message.

Fact #127, deals with the definite reason why “GOD SAID” for the church, the body of Christ to FOLLOW apostle Paul’s EXAMPLE and DOCTRINE for living in the age of grace, INSTEAD of the earthly/mortal Jesus of Nazareth. Getting this wrong is COSTLY!

Fact #128, deals with God’s opinion concerning women clergy, is it an issue with Him?


At times, does your Bible seem very difficult to understand, confusing, contradictory in places, can’t make “heads or tails” out of certain passages etc.? Then let the Bible (KJV) itself resolve your dilemma – IT most definitely CAN, because “God is not the author of confusion,” – 1 Corinthians 14:33, BUT “the author and finisher of our faith” – Hebrews 12:2, this means un-obfuscated and intelligent. God’s divine knowledge and understanding are appropriated ONLY when WE faithfully and diligently employ out of complete trust and obedience, HIS methodology and doctrine of commonsense reasoning and logically enlightened study – “Right Division”, by which NO ONE can possibly go astray in His word (KJV), I’m a witness to that. Therefore with open arms, we welcome ALL to come and fellowship with us and discover what our Heavenly Father is really after in the dispensation of grace from the epistles of OUR apostle, the epistles that were written specifically TO US, FOR US and ABOUT US. Service time, location and contact info are posted on our website www.HisNewCreation.com.


*PAUL is OUR designated apostle in the age of grace, Romans 11:13; I Timothy 2:7; Ephesians 3:1 and II Timothy 1:11, definitely NOT ANY ONE of Israel’s twelve apostles or prophets!

Know Grace Know Peace No Grace No Peace!

*This World Is Going To Get Worse Before It Gets Worse!

“Things that are different are NOT the same”, i.e., the doctrine for Israel’s “believing remnant” out in “the Lords day of wrath” which is their education, and the doctrine for “the church, the body of Christ” are fundamentally and profoundly different in terms of their design and implementation. Even their PLAN and PURPOSE are diametrically in opposition to each other with the exception of being: (1) “justified/justification unto eternal life” and (2) the “adoption of sons”, both of which, are trans/inter-dispensational truths in both programs – Israel and the Church.

*If “Right Division” is unobserved, Satan WILL use the Bible against YOU – guaranteed!

Don’t Make Ignorance A Doctrine! The Consequences Are Devastating And Shameful.

For every truth that God has, Satan has many counterfeits to confuse, misdirect etc.

Sonship is directly associated and connected to the Godhead – Father, Son and Spirit.

*There are absolutely, positively NO prophecies being fulfilled today (in the age of grace) in either program – the Nation of Israel, and “the church the body of Christ” – NOT A SINGLE ONE, including past UN events involving the formation of the Nation of Israel in 1948 – Ezekiel 36:23-30 is one of MANY scriptural proofs that the TRUE and complete fulfillment of this prophecy is STILL pending. Hence, law and grace CANNOT coexist under ANY circumstance or condition – Romans 11:6, one negates the other.

*This special and uniquely independent doctrine (which is apart from the Nation of Israel) contained in (Romans – Philemon) concerning “the gospel of the grace of God” IS FOR ALL humanity on planet earth; BUT then again, it’s NOT FOR ALL humanity on planet earth.

*The Gospel of Grace is NOT a license to SIN, BUT the MOTIVATION to want to SERVE!

*Remember this, there is NO WILL for YOU OUTSIDE God’s revealed and perfect WILL.

*PRAYER in the age of grace (the Mystery Program) is EXACTLY 180 degrees out of phase with what PRAYER was like in Israel’s (Prophetic Program) – For them, God WAS dealing ONLY with the “outward man”, BUT NOW, for US, it’s the “inward man” ONLY. This explains why ANY prayer(s) to the contrary, GOD simply doesn’t hear – I know that for MANY, this is extremely difficult and hard to accept, to believe and to digest. BUT there is STRONG compelling case EVIDENCE from COUNTLESS testimonies and sources alike that support their undeniable and irrefutable accusations made against the obvious inactivity of God’s omnipotence in “the dispensation of grace” – WHERE IS GOD’S POWER! Remember this, that PRAYER in “the dispensation of grace” is an EDUCATION ISSUE ONLY and nothing else. Therefore, ANY attempt to solicit and to partition God to do something that He has NO intentions on doing i.e., functioning in the supernatural and physical realm, is nothing more than a complete exercise in absolute futility plagued with confusion and disappointments. God’s WILL, unlocks the Mystery concerning the ISSUE of PRAYER for ALL members of “the church, the body of Christ” in the dispensation of HIS grace.

*In regards to my above statement concerning prayer, I recently discovered on social media, the acronym ’P.U.S.H.’, which means to ‘Pray-Until-Something-Happen’. This acronym, while old to some, but new to me, essentially means ‘importunity’ which is ‘making repeated or annoying request or demands’, in this case to God. Therefore as previously stated above, why continue to faithfully practice this insanity of futility which is actually indicative of the symptom known as ‘Psychosis’ a ‘Neurotic Behavior’ disorder i.e., ‘repeating the same behavior while expecting a different result’. This spiritual and mental condition only manifests itself out of an extremely serious deficiency of God’s “knowledge of the truth” operating in one’s life in this age of grace. My prognosis is simple, immediately seek-out and find a grace based church actively engaged in “right division” and “the preaching of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery” and STAY there! God’s ONLY antidote and/or antivirus serum available for today’s mental and spiritual illnesses is the Full Doctrine of His Grace, because it ALONE can effectively identify, counteract, neutralize and destroy this deadly viral strain of mental gymnastics and spiritual contortionism exclusively known by all as P.U.S.H.!

Eternal Grace, Peace and Always the Truth,
Pastor/Brother Terry Jackson, Sr., and Wife Carolyn



“When denial is in play, a person simply refuses to recognize the truth, no matter how apparent.” – Taite Adams

“Denial is a common tactic that substitutes deliberate ignorance for thoughtful planning.” – Charles Tremper

“Denial does not solve the problem. Denial does not make the problem go away. Denial does not give us peace of
  mind, which is really what we are seeking when we engage in it. Denial is a liar. It compounds the problem, because
  it keeps us from seeing the solution, and taking action to resolve it.” – Bill Kortenbach

“No denial of the truth will ever invalidate it.” – Nikkie Rosen

“Denial is the worst kind of lie…because it is the lie you tell yourself.” – Michelle A. Homme

“Denial is the way we handle what we cannot handle.” – Elle Casey

“Denial is the lid on our emotional pressure cooker: the longer we leave it on, the more pressure we build up. Sooner
  or later, that pressure is bound to pop the lid, and we have an emotional crisis.” – Susana Forward


“Empirical Evidence is the Artifact that the Truth Left Behind.” – Dr. Judy Wood

“Reality is that which when you stop believing in it, it doesn’t go away.” – Philip K. Dick

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” – Albert Einstein

“What we call reality is the inevitable persistence of a fact of consciousness.” – Samuel Harris

“Reality is divinely indifferent.” – Richard Bach


In the Age of Grace, God is NOT doing what YOU think He SHOULD be doing i.e., actively engaged in the absolute demonstration and dispensing of His supernatural power coupled with the miraculous being put on display to the world.  THIS IS KNOWN AS  ACCEPTING GOD'S REALITY  BY WHAT HE'S DOING, AND BY WHAT HE'S NOT DOING, AND BY KNOWING AND UNDERSTANDING THE VITAL REASONS WHY.

Logical Analysis of Romans 8:16-17 – One Inheritance or Two Distinct Inheritances?
Empirical Evidence – TWO Distinct Top-Level Categories of Inheritance Rewards Identified In Romans Chapter Eight Verses Sixteen and Seventeen in the KJV: 
NOTE, verify the above logic design implementation by setting "children" to a logical-0; then analyze what type of inheritance reward an unsaved (unjustified) person would receive IF that person was standing before the Bema Seat. This verification step will further substantiate that the logic is consistent with Romans 8:16-17 which literally means two distinct "heirs" will appear before Christ - a 'child', or an 'adult'. This is also consistent w/ 1 Cor. 3:9-15.
Note, because of the dispensational change that occurred in the book of Acts, God decided to establish a new church headquarters appropriate for this new dispensation with its special and unique doctrine of His grace. Antioch, Syria, became that location under Paul’s apostleship.  Historically this church also became knowns as the first Christian church of the dispensation of grace. The gospel of grace was first published from this location and also the launching of Paul's missionary journeys. But the “believing remnant” in Israel and their church located at Jerusalem had begun to slowly diminish supernaturally and prophetically along with Apostate Israel – which is Judaism. This new church in Antioch, Syria was another profound indication in the book of Acts that a definite dispensational change had occurred. Remember that in 70 AD, the Roman General Titus destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple as prophesied by our Lord in His Olivet Discourse. Israel’s program had been temporarily interrupted, “until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in” – Romans 11:25. Then God would resume His program with the Nation of Israel exactly where He left off some two thousand plus years prior. Below are KEY passages concerning this major event/transition that the majority of believers have great difficulty understanding.
External conditional inputs "childrenand "suffer with himare considered variables and can take-on any single bit value such as a logical-1 or a logical-0. All other external inputs are considered constants. Jesus is at the output.
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'1' or '0'
'1' or '0'
NOTE *: Logically, Selection_Control_Signal_W := ((Acts 9:3) AND NOT(Romans 11:25));