Pastor and Wife:

For 46 years off/on, now consistently since late 2013 to the present with MBI, I Pastor Terry Jackson Sr., have been self-educated in Biblical/Pauline Theology with a strong intense propensity toward the dispensational  
(Right Divisionview of the Bible, as a direct result of God's 'Logic of the Gospelconveyed by Paul, "the Apostle of the Gentiles". Upon my compelling desire to proclaim these awesome and forgotten truths to everyone, ordination was the next step. Therefore, I was ordained into the ministry in 2003, by the late Pastor Leon M. Emerson, of the Now Faith Christian Center ChurchDenver, Colorado. In retrospect, I managed to multiplex my Biblical studies with my secular employment as an ASIC and FPGA/CPLD Design and Verification Engineer in the Microelectronics Industry: Med Devices, Post Script Printers, Military Robotics, Hard-Disk Drive Controllers (Seagate's IP and Western Digital's IP), Aerospace Avionics (Lockheed Martin's ASRG, JUNO and GRAIL civil programs via MEI), State Nuclear Power Automation System Engineering and Military IR (Infrared) Security Cameras. Obviously this wasn't an easy task, but the need to expose the light of the truth while diminishing Satan's works of darkness and his policy of evil in this dispensation was the driving force. Finally for the vast majority of our lives, my wife and I, WERE active members or in a fellowship capacity in both denominational (C.O.G.I.C.) and non-denominational churches serving as associate musician (pianist and/or organist), choir member and/or praise team leader in the Denver, Commerce City and Aurora areas. 
I Pastor Terry, my wife Carolyn of 46 years, and church family WELCOMES ALL who want to COME to know, understand, believe and to live out of the light of the truth i.e., "the mystery of Christ" which has clearly been
dispensed and on display in this Dispensation of Gentile Grace, let us all come to "the knowledge of the truth"

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More Irrefutable, Undeniable, Non-Deconstructable Ironclad Facts!

FACT #127 – GOD’S Reason Why Gentiles are to FOLLOW the Apostle Paul INSTEAD of
                   the Earthly/Mortal Jesus of Nazareth in the Dispensation of Gentile Grace.
                   There's a Predestinated PLANPURPOSE and WILL Behind God's Decision
                   the preaching of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery”.
                   This 'Mystery' Contains God's Divine Strategy for the Repossession of "the
                   Heavenly Places" from the Evil Clutches of the Adversary and His Cohorts:
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FACT #128 – The ILL-Effects that Women Clergy Imposes Upon the Church, the Body of 
                   Christ in the Dispensation of Gentile Grace Opposes God's Divine Order at
                   Creation, which is Predicated Upon THE Authority and Headship Principle!
                   Therefore did God Authorize Women to Function in Headship Offices? NO!
                         This fact addresses the sudden exponential increase in women clergy within approximately the last
                         25 to 35+ years. This noticeable rise in women asserting themselves to be pastors and deacons in
                         the Church are undoubtable, without any question, influenced by the satanic liberal agenda that
                         essentially says to women in general, you can do any job that a man can do in or out of the Church.
                         Consequently liberalism has infiltrated its way into the Church, depositing with it, its worldly
                         ideology and agenda which is contrary to God’s agenda. Liberalism has deceived and convinced 
                         the minds of the vast majority of believers, into thinking that it’s perfectly acceptable to RELAX 
                         God’s prohibitions and injunctions regarding church headship qualifications in order to attract and 
                         accommodate more women into this new church age movement. Besides, this is a new modern
                         world with diverse cultures etc. Therefore, God’s question is NOT complex, but simplistic in nature,
                         elementary, fundamental BUT straight to the point. God’s question does NOT consider nor does it
                         take into account ANY extraordinary mental abilities, education or intellect. So, here’s God’s simple
                         childlike question: “When and where in MY WORD (KJV) did I, GOD, have EVER given a woman the
                         AUTHORITY to become a priest in Israel’s “time past” program, and pastor or deacon in the “but
                         now” program – the Church??? WHERE IS THIS RECORDED?? Remember, THE ONLY ISSUE THAT
                         REALLY MATTERS TO ME IS AUTHORITY AND NOTHING BUT AUTHORITY anything to the contrary
                         is meaningless and pointless." Therefore a woman’s so-called AUTHORITY now gets scrutinized 
                         under God’s scanning electron microscope a.k.a. the word (KJV) of truth, to determine the TRUE 
                         nature and meaning of its DNA structure, which was found to be – [Defiant and Did Not Authorize]!
                         SEX is the ONLY subject matter that's being addressed, dissected and analyzed – NOTHING else!
                         Because creation points to SEX by God's logical creative order. This is the nucleus of the argument 
                         and also why the Apostle Paul referenced these events in the Garden, which happened long before
                         ANY existence of a human population with its diverse cultures, an irrefutable undeniable point/fact!

Figure 1 – The Logical Order and Structure of the Church Under Masculinity Headship:
Figure 2 – Disorder with the Unstructured Church Under Femininity Headship. BUT in ALL Actuality, its Really NOT a Church at All, Just a Group of People with NO Pastor:
FACT #129 – "The Sufferings of Christ" – What Exactly is Christ Allowing and Tolerating
                   in the Dispensation of Grace that would Fuel HIS Displeasure and Disgust
                   while "Despising the Shame" of it? Comparing NASA/ESA's "NGC602N90",
                   IN Concert with the Bible (KJV), Accurately Matched and Confirmed Our
                   Ascended Lord's True Facial Characteristics, with HIS True Countenance,
                   IN LIGHT OF, the Extreme Corrupt Condition of HIS Fallen Creation. THIS 
                   Image is Consistent with the Bible & Presents a Solid Plausible Possibility:
                   WHO IS IT, OR WHAT IS IT? IS IT CHRIST? Personally, I believe that it's Him! My main objective is to
                         always present the FACTS so that YOU can draw YOUR own conclusions. BUT, there are noticeable
                         consistencies that are very relevant to the Scriptures that actually support a one-to-one correlation
                         between this extraordinary and amazing imagery, and the word (KJV) of God for the dispensation of
                         Gentile grace. Therefore I MUST point-out and appropriately connect the correct dots of knowledge/
                         understanding in regards to this image and its relevant relationship to the “But now” dispensation.

                    Christ is not suffering for sin. He’s not suffering agony. He’s not suffering pain and affliction, but He is
                    suffering some things, the effects of Satan's works of darkness and his policy of evil usurpation within
                    "the heavenly places", "the earth" and "the church the body of Himself". But His primary toleration, is
                    "the sufferings of this present time", which are functions of "the bondage of corruption", AND also the
                    gross opposition to "the preaching of HIMSELF, according to the revelation of the mystery" a.k.a. "the
                    gospel of the grace of God" for 'Right Division' and 'Sonship Edification'. Note, the things mentioned
                    are all top-level categories experienced from HIS glorious perspective. Therefore ALL together, they
                    constitute "The Sufferings of Christ" in the dispensation of Gentile grace. Obviously He's not pleased
                    with things because of His extreme indignation with Satan's works of darkness, and JUSTIFIABLY SO!

                    Heads-Up To The Obvious, Jesus Was A "rock of offence:" – Romans 9:33 (KJV) Because He Did NOT
                    Meet Their (Apostate Israel's) Physical Expectations And His Message Did NOT Support ANY of Their
                    "Vain Religious System's" Ideology And Being a Nazarene, Jesus WAS A TRIPLE Negative to Them:
                    Note the expression on the Lord's mouth relative to the idiom found in Psalms 22:7 – "they shoot out the lip,".
                    This idiom clearly is indicative of one's manifestation of mockingcontemptuous and showing a scornful face of
                    defiance. Ironically, this is exactly what the Lord is currently feeling and expressing due to the things that are in
                    direct opposition to His present plan, purpose and revealed perfect will for the Church, in the dispensation of
                    Gentile grace. But this is also applicable to the current fallen state of "the heavenly places" and "the earth".
                    Note that the image is accompanied by a cluster of bright blue stars which are direct analogous to Revelation
                    22:16 – "I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star." – I definitely don't think
                    this is a coincidence. The above two scriptures with subsequent scriptures below are very strong, compelling,
                    consistent and extremely convincing to mean anything to the contrary. But we MUST draw our own conclusion.

                    Brief Scientific Overview Of The Above Hubble Image NGC602, N90 – Satellite Galaxy to the Milky Way:
                    The bright blue stars in this image are indicative of the distance the image is from earth, which is relatively
                    close in comparison to other distant stars, nebulas and galaxies etc. According to astronomers, redshift and
                    blueshift describe how light (photons) changes as objects in space (such as stars or galaxies) move closer or
                    farther away from us (earth). This is determined by change in frequency of the wavelength – or the “Doppler
                    Effect/Shift”. When something moves towards you (earth), it compresses the signal wavelength it emits
                    resulting in blueshift, while if it's moving away from you (earth), it stretches that waveform resulting in redshift.
                    Therefore, a frequency modulation of the signal wavelength is proportional to the movement or position of that
                    object under observation. All I’m saying is this, the Lord Jesus Christ is CLOSELY observing ALL humanity on
                    planet earth as indicated by the blueshift from the stars found within NGC602N90. This is called Spectroscopy. 
                    The solar mass of the stars in this image are considered medium-size stars i.e., the mass/size of our own sun.
                    NOTE: In reference to "the creature"; "cloud(s)" are synonymous with "nebula(s)", and "air" is synonymous with
                    the COSMOS – "the heavenly places". Remember, "heaven" and "earth" are separate independent spheres.

                    "The Hubble Space Telescope is capable of taking high resolution pictures from within the deepest regions of                       space, and has captured the most remarkable images. But during the 10th anniversary of the Hubble Space
                    Telescope being repaired, NASA-ESA pointed the Hubble Space Telescope at one of the furthest galaxies for
                    eleven days to see what would they capture. And this is one of the images captured." NASA-ESA has many
                    images taken from deep space/interstellar space, BUT nothing comes even close to the image 'NGC602N90'.
                    This incredibly remarkable and stunningly breathtaking BUT controversial image with its unbelievable details 
                    was taken by Hubble’s deep field view of the "Star-Forming Cluster" known by cosmologist, astronomers and
                    astrophysicists as NGC602, located within the N90 Nebula, under the "Wing" of the "Small Magellanic Cloud",
                    located in the star constellation known as Tucana – a southern hemispheric constellation with NO mythological
                    connection with/to the ZodiacThis image is approximately 200,000 light-years from earth and spans across
                    space and time – astronomically large to say the least. Length/size of the facial image alone is approximately
                    between 150 and 180 light-years across; this equates to some 900 trillion to 1.080 quadrillion miles spanning
                    as stated, space-time. But YET maintaining extraordinary and amazing facial features with clear details
                    spanning across such astronomical distances is just plain mind boggling and literally incomprehensible. This
                    image alone should completely boggle ANY imagination. This image was first released by NASA and ESA
                    (European Space Agency) and the HUBBLE Heritage Team, on January 8, 2007. But these observations were
                    taken with Hubble's Advanced Camera for Surveys in July 2004. For more detailed technical information visit:

                    Who Or What Is NGC602N90?  Looking Through The LENS Of The Bible Is Astonishingly Revealing,
                    But First Note This Vital FACTGod Was Dealing With Israel In The Physical Material Realm ONLY:

                    The first four statements are possibilities asserted by most, but the 5th is certainly another plausible possibility
                    that MANY people just refuse to believe because of the frightening thought of responsibility and accountability
                    to the ONLY supreme and imperial intelligence in the Universe - GOD!  Hence, I'm exploring that 5th possibility
                    in relation to image NGC602N90 and the word of God as recorded by Israel's prophets Samuel and Isaiah, and
                    lastly by Paul, the Apostle of the Gentiles in the Dispensation of Gentile grace. Therefore the 5 possibilities are:

                    1. This is an explicit image of a superior alien intelligence lurking within the COSMOS for whatever reason etc.

                    2. This is some sort of randomly generated COSMIC phenomenon caused by COSMIC probabilities governed
                        by gravity, electromagnetism and nuclear forces. Ionized plasma gas and dust particles generated from star
                        births and/or deaths within various nebulas are the primary cause for all mysterious anomalies. By explicitly
                        exhibiting the visual propensity to form into countless configurations and abstract patterns with infinitely but
                        questionable imagery is NOT at all surprising that these strange, bazar and unexplainable oddities can exist.

                    3. This is really NOTHING at all in terms of what is seen – just a typical nebula with young star formations etc.
                        ANYTHING to the contrary is a complete figment of one’s imagination, perspective, religious belief system
                        etc. This is NOTHING more than an excellent optical illusion used to baffle the unlearned and over zealous.

                    4. This is actually NASA-ESA perpetrating some sort of humorist chicanery just for sport. BUT, if that were the
                        case, then what would be their logical scientific rationale for using THIS type of image? What are they after?
                        What are their motives? If 'NGC602N90' is a fake, why hasn't representatives from NASA-ESA leaked, come
                        forward and admitted fraud to the scientific community? It's been >14 years and counting, the image stands!

                    5. This is simply the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the “head of the church”, which is HIS “body”. Indulged in
                        the observation of a sector/segment of the heavenly places” (our 4-dimentional universe). Whereby, utilizing
                        a certain nebula of His choosing, He’s able to actively appear ONLY as an observer of all things within our
                        physical reality, His fallen creation a.k.a. "the Creature". What would prevent Him from doing this?? Nothing!!
                        Note His obvious look of displeasure and disgust displayed on His countenance, He’s NOT at all satisfied
                        with what He sees and/or hears throughout His fallen creation. The reasons will become perfectly clear after
                        we have examined a direct 1-to-1 correlation with relevant consistencies between the Image at large and the
                        word (KJV) of God for the Dispensation of Gentile grace. As stated, this image is Biblical compared against
                        the prophet Isaiah's account regarding Jesus' physical appearance to the JEWS during His public ministry
                        NOTHING more and NOTHING less than that.  Note, in regards to this analysis, NOTHING was added NOR
                        subtracted from the Biblical Truth! Therefore this image, whether one believes it or not – IT IS WHAT IT IS.

                    The Exaltation Of The Preeminence Of Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ – His Glorious Inheritance:
                    Ephesians 1:20-23 (KJV) – "Which he wrought in Christ, when he raised him from the dead, and set him
                    at his own right hand in the heavenly places, 21 far above all principality, and power, and might, and 
                    dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come: 22
                    and hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the head over all things to the church, 23 
                    which is his body, the fulness of him that filleth all in all." – This is Christ' Inheritance from His Father.
                    The Only Recorded Evidence Of Jesus’ Physical Description – Is In The Account Of The Prophet Isaiah:
                    References: George Crabb Book of Synonyms – 1917 and Nova Webster American Dictionary – 1828

​                    Isaiah 52:14 (KJV)  "As many were astonied at thee; his visage was so marred more than any man, and his
                    form more than the sons of men:" – Christ' physical appearance, completely different than any Jewish man. 
                    Isaiah 53:2 (KJV) –  “he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we
                    should desire him.” Verse 3 – "He is despised and rejected of men;" – the JEWS just didn't like what they saw.
                    "a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and
                    we esteemed him not."  the Apostate JEWS hated to even look upon Him, and they didn't. Because from their
                    perspective, why would God give us THIS strange looking man to be our Christ, King and Messiah, a mistake!
                    Hebrews 10:5 (KJV)  "body hast thou prepared me:" – Jesus Christ said that God His Father prepared Him
                    an earthly/physical body that was vastly different in appearance than other Israelite men. The account from the
                    Prophet Isaiah validates and substantiates this fact! God's thinking and ways are different! Isaiah 55:8-9 (KJV) 

                        • Form”: noun The shape or external appearance of a body; the figure, as defined by lines and angles; that
                          manner of being peculiar to each body, which exhibits it to the eye as distinct from every other body. Thus
                          we speak of the form of a circle, the form of a square or triangle, a circular form the form of the head or of
                          the human body, a handsome form an ugly form a frightful form – NWAD  "Figure": signifies the image
                          feigned or conceived, – GCBS
                        • Comeliness”: noun That which is becoming, fit or suitable, in form or manner. comeliness of person
                           implies symmetry or due proportion of partscomeliness of manner implies decorum and propriety. It
                           signifies something less forcible than beauty, less elegant than grace, and less light than prettiness. –
                           NWAD  "Comely": BecomingDecentSeemlyFit, Suitable  – GCBS
                        • “Beauty”: An assemblage of graces, or an assemblage of properties in the form of the person or any other                           object, which pleases the eye. In the person, due proportion or symmetry of parts constitutes the most
                          essential property to which we annex the term beauty in the face, the regularity and symmetry of the
                          features, the color of the skin, the expression of the eye, are among the principal properties which
                          constitute beauty But as it is hardly possible to define all the properties which constitute beauty we may
                          observe in general, that beauty consists in whatever pleases the eye of the beholder, whether in the human
                          body, in a tree, in a landscape, or in any other object. – NWAD  "Beauty"Handsome, PrettyFine – GCBS
                        1. Of a red color; of a lively flesh color, or the color of the human skin in high health. Thus we say, reddy
                            cheeks, ruddy lipsa reddy face or skina ruddy youth; and in poetic language, ruddy fruit. But the word is
                            chiefly applied to the human skin
                        2. Of a bright yellow color; as ruddy gold. [Unusual.]  NWAD
                        "Goodly", adjective Being of a handsome formbeautiful; graceful; as a goodly person; goodly raiment;
                        goodly houses.
                        1. Pleasant; agreeable; desirable; as goodly days.
                        2. Bulky; swelling; affectedly turgid. – NWAD
                        "Fair", adjective 
                        1. Clear; free from spots; free from a dark hue; white; as a fair skin; a fair complexion. hence
                        2. Beautiful; handsome; properly, having a handsome face.
                            Thou art a fair woman to look upon. Genesis 12:11. Hence
                        3. Pleasing to the eye; handsome or beautiful in general. – NWAD 

                    A Brief Physical Comparison Of David Verse Jesus; Perhaps The Jews Were Expecting Jesus To Look 
                    Somewhat Similar To David, Because After All, Jesus Was A Descendant From "The House Of David":
                    1st Samuel 16:12 (KJV) – "And he sent, and brought him in. Now he was ruddy, and withal of a beautiful
                    countenance, and goodly to look to."  – This comparison runs contrary to Isaiah 52:14 and 53:2-3 (KJV).
                    As does this one, 1st Samuel 17:42 (KJV)  "for he was but a youth, and ruddy, and of a fair countenance."
                    More Resistance From The Jewish Majority – The Apostate Element:
                    Luke 19:14 (KJV) – "We will not have this man to reign over us."  – Rejection due to His physical appearance
                    and His message of opposition to their "Vain Religious System" that had corrupted the Mosaic Law.
                    Facial Evidence Of Pre-Cross Scourging And Torture Recorded In The Account Of The Prophet Isaiah:
                    Isaiah 50:6 (KJV) – “I gave my back to the smiters, and my cheeks to them that plucked off the hair: I hid not
                    my face from shame and spitting.” Note hair, back of head, extending down to back of neck to right shoulder: 

                          The Image does in fact indicate evidence of some partial removal of facial "hair" particularly around and 
                          under the chin, right "cheek", under the nose, leaving what appears to be a sideburn that partially extends
                          down to the jaw line area. This type of torture is certainly consistent with scripture. For Jews, the Law even
                          forbids the mar of the corners of beards – Leviticus19:27, to do so constitute "shame". Apostate Israel
                          DID NOT accept the physical appearance of their ChristKing and Messiah as indicated in Isaiah 53:3-5
                          (KJV). They "esteem him strickensmitten of God, and afflicted.", so in their estimation, JESUS and/or HIS 
                          parents, must have kindled God's indignation and wrath somewhere in their lives, that resulted in that type
                          of appearance. So, after being ridiculed, ostracized and criticized YET and STILLHE IS THE CHRIST!!!

                     Deity Within The "DNA Double Helix" And "ChromosomesOf The Lord Jesus Christ. This Means
                     That Both "Helixes" With Their "Gene" Sequence And "23 Chromosomes", Originated From Outside
                     Our 4-Dimensional Physical Reality – The Material/Anthropic Universe. Handsome, is NOT Expected:

                          Briefly, in reference to the explicit terminology no form”, “nor comeliness and no beauty as recorded in
                          Isaiah 53:2, presents a clear indication that both of Christ’s DNA helixes with its gene sequence and 23
                          chromosomes, were NOT of this world; meaning that which is normally found in all humans on earth with a
                          physical biological father. We receive DNA helixes with its gene sequence and 23 chromosomes, from our
                          mother, whereas the other DNA helixes with its gene sequence and 23 chromosomes, from our father. As
                          stated together, they constitute the “DNA Double Helix” and 46 chromosomes total, which is common in
                          ALL humans. This is the basic molecular biological structure of the DNA molecule and the formation of
                          chromosomes that God conceived, designed and implemented at creation. God the Father miraculously
                          supplied Christ’s divine helixes with its divine gene sequence and 23 chromosomes, whereas His mother's
                          Mitochondrial DNA supplied the other earthly/mortal helixes with its earthly/mortal gene sequence and 23 
                          chromosomes, that are in the DNA bloodline of King David. Note Philippians 2:8 (KJV) – “and being found 
                          in fashion as a man,” this scripture, in conjunction with Isaiah 53:2 (KJV), is indicative of Christ’s physical
                          appearance as being marginalized in terms of that which is considered to be humanoid in characteristics. 
                          Therefore Jesus’ DNA and chromosomes that He received from His Heavenly Father while on earth were
                          either biologically/physically contained in His blood, OR they were supernaturally invisible but yet present in
                          His blood, because God the Father is a Spirit. But in either case, the origin of Jesus' microbes of deity are
                          yet and still completely outside our material universe.

                    Summation: According to the prophet Isaiah, Christ appears to have had some marginal resemblance to that 
                    of humankind or humanoid in appearance/characteristics. And as a result, to most, He was NOT pleasing to
                    the eyes in terms of His overall physical appearance. Therefore, the Apostate Jews generally found Jesus to
                    be somewhat physically repugnant, someone that makes you feel uncomfortable and nervous when around.
                    They were expecting their Christ, King and Messiah to closely resemble the physical description of David as
                    recorded by the prophet Samuel. Eventually, their unbelief caused God to temporarily suspend their program.

                    THREE Justifiable Reasons For Christ’ Countenance Displaying And Projecting Complete And Utter
                    Disgust In The Age Of Grace, Is Predicated On HIS "Goodness", "Forbearance" and "Longsuffering",
                    NOT Willing To Execute The Consequences Of Sin – DEATH! Therefore Ungodliness With Its Stench, Is
                    Allowed To Continue To Run Its Course On The Earth. BUT Overall, Our Lord Has THREE Main Realms
                    Of Concern Due To Advancements Made By Satan's Works Of Darkness And His Policy Of Evil Upon 
                    All HIS Creation. They Are "The Heavenly Places", "The Earth" and "The Body Of Himself", Specifically:

                       1. The dormant state of "the heavenly places as a result of Satan and his minion’s rebellion eons ago that
                           resulted in Satan taking temporary control of the creature”. Satan’s rebellion had temporarily placed the
                           heavens under the bondage of corruption scientist terms this condition entropy. By Satan holding the
                           heavenly places hostage, Satan can now usurp his authority and dominion as the prince of the power of 
                           the air (the COSMOS) and the god/prince of this world” (the Earth). Satan exercises control from God’s
                           top-level governmental offices of principalities and powers in heavenly places”. In addition, our Lord has
                           to tolerate spiritual wickedness in high places”. This is nothing more than Satan and his minions at work
                           constantly projecting and exploiting the failures and shortcomings of believers on planet earth, at their
                           expense, all over "the heavenly placesand directed at both angelic realms – God's angels and his angels.
                           Satan then ridicules and criticizes these failures in the FACE of the Lord Jesus showing utter contempt of 
                           "the gospel of the grace of God to do its intended job. These are taunting and downright inflammatory
                           allegations from Satan and his cohorts. As stated, Jesus Christ "despises the shame" of it and the stench!

                           Therefore the Lord is continuously in a state of disgust and displeasure until after the manifestation of the
                           sons of God”. This occurs after that major worldwide event known as the blessed hope" – "the Rapture”.

                      2. The gross depravity on "the earth"/"the liberal worldat large coupled with ALL manner of ungodliness – 
                          categorically: immorality, evilness, violence, wickedness and corruption, all of which are the earmarks of a
                          fallen world. The Lord has been observing this linear growth trend of "ungodliness" ever since the Tower of
                          Babel. Jesus knows that Satan and his minions had managed to once again, produced the world of the
                          ungodly in the exact same manner, using the exact same weaponry, as they did during the Antediluvian
                          (pre-flood) period – the lust of the flesh”, “the lust of the eyes and the pride of life”. These are considered
                          Satan’s three main categories of nukes that are used to completely decimate one’s life. Christ knows at His
                          Second Advent, that He will settle His cause with Apostate Israel and those Gentile nations once and for 
                          ALL. The next awesome worldwide super event will culminate with the liberation of the Earth, permanently
                          from the clutches of the Adversary and his cohorts. Even though ungodliness is at its zenith in the world
                          today, and has been since the Cross, the Lord Jesus Christ continues to administer a dispensation of
                          Gentile grace in concert with the ungodly condition of the world at large. Once again, HE completely
                          "despises the shame" of it and the stench!

                          Therefore God is presently observing the world through two points of view, the lens of Adam for all those
                          unjustified, and through the lens of Jesus for all those justified. NOW, from the perspective of the world at
                          large, and from the lens of Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ DOESN’T at ALL enjoy what HE sees, hears and

                     3. The gross ignorance and vicious repudiation from "the Church", HIS “body”, in the dispensation of Gentile
                         Grace, regarding the preaching and teaching of HIMSELF “according to the revelation of the mystery”, as
                         was communicated by HIM to Paul the Apostle of the Gentiles. Has kindled HIS indignation with displeasure
                         and disgust due to the blatant disobedience of the vast majority of pastors. Who have failed to properly and
                         effectively communicate to believers and unbelievers, the apex tenets of the knowledge of the truth” which
                         is the mystery of Christ [HIMSELF]”, has totally grieved the Lord to HIS disgust. Because of their continued 
                         disobedience, has resulted in a constant rejection of HIS planpurpose and perfect will, which as stated,
                         grieves and disappoints our Lord to the point of total disgust as indicated by the Hubble Image. Moreover,
                         this has caused the Church to become more disinterested and numb to the desire to want to knowbelieve,
                         understand, and to live out of HIS perfect ‘Justification’ and ‘Sanctification’ components, that were already
                         provided for at salvation. But some have attempted to produce these impossible components in the energy
                         of their flesh – by WORKS. Instead of trusting and living out of God’s written wisdom which is the ONLY
                         doctrine today capable of producing educated adopted adult sons and daughters for His glorious use in the
                         heavenly places”. Also they have been deceived into believing that they, the Church, is part and parcel of 
                         Israel’s program, and that Israel’s supernatural program is still in effect and active even today – this is a LIE
                         from Satan and his minions! It’s for this very reason, that children, MUST be educated and adopted by their
                         Heavenly Father in order to see the counterfeit gospel for what it really is – a LIE! Foremost, children MUST
                         have an interest coupled with inquisitiveness and enthusiasm with a real heart filled desire to want to be
                         educated by their Heavenly Father. This is ultimately what our Heavenly Father is really after in this age of
                         grace – ADOPTION. Because children (meaning all those who are doctrinally immature), WILL NOT occupy
                         positions of authority in HIS government in the ‘COSMOS’ because these positions are ONLY in connection
                         with that joint-heirs with Christ” inheritance. And suffer with him”, is the ONLY qualifying condition for this
                         type of inheritance and NOTHING else. This means the full doctrine of HIS GRACE found and contained in
                         (Romans through Philemon), Paul’s knowledge of the truth”, is in FACT, what Christ unequivocally desires
                         to have communicated to ALL humanity on planet earth in this dispensation of HIS grace. BUT instead, by 
                         popular demand due to gross doctrinal blindness, TRUTH was replaced with a LIE. Satan’s perverted and 
                         counterfeit gospel – accompanied by mass entertainment fashioned after the strange woman” which is ‘the
                         policy of evil’ and the evil man” “the course of this world” has completely taken over and is now dominating
                         the vast majority of Christendom particularly, the Mega Churches. Give Satan an inch; he’ll take a thousand
                         miles! If this condition within the Church continues down Satan’s path, ALL those involved in the resistance,
                         suppression and contamination of HIS TRUTH will permanently lose their joint-heirs with Christ inheritance
                         while standing at “the Bema Seat” – guaranteed! NOW is the acceptable time for doctrinal correction.

                         Therefore as stated at the conclusion of the second statement regarding God’s observation of the
                         Unjustified World of Jews and GentilesNOW, God’s attention has been redirected toward the Justified
                         World – “the church, the body of Christ”, BUT this time, examination was through the lens of JESUS. Yet
                         and still, HE doesn’t enjoy what HE sees, hears and smells. As stated previously, Christ "despises the
                         shame" of it and the stench!

                    Final Summation – The STENCH Of It ALL Due To Satan And His Minion's Defecation Of Corruption: 

                    As stated at the beginning of this work, my biblical curiosity had led me to investigate a 5th plausible 
                    possibility in connection with the Book of Isaiah, and the Epistles of Paul the Apostle. This image,
                    ‘NGC602N90’, could in fact be, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, engaged in the observation of the fallen
                    condition of His creation. This logical assumption is certainly a plausible possibility in light of the other four
                    alternatives. Just as a reminder, the Lord is NOT intervening supernaturally into our 4-dimensional universe
                    as confirmed in the Doctrine given by Him to Paul, the Apostle of the Gentiles. Therefore, from time-to-time,
                    appearing ONLY as an observer of creation from “afar off”, the Lord Jesus Christ is NOT in ANY violation of
                    His scriptures to the Church by observing things in their state. Remember, HE’S omniscient – ALL knowing.

                    After connecting certain details in the facial image of ‘NGC602N90’, to the actual physical description of
                    Jesus found and recorded in the account of the Prophet Isaiah, opened up and substantiated the 5th plausible
                    possibility, which also seems to be irrefutable. Coupled with factual evidence of what appears to be, the
                    partial removal of facial hair as indicated by the Image, had further solidified/congealed my fusion of
                    ‘NGC602N90’ with Isaiah’s account of Jesus’ scourging and torture leading up to, the Crucifixion.

                    But in my estimation, the REAL eye-opener is depicted on His countenance that undoubtedly substantiates
                    and justifies the true reasons behind an expression of utter disgust, they are: 1) The temporary loss of the
                    Heavenly Places”; 2) The temporary loss of the Earth”; and 3) The negligence and gross ignorance within
                    the Church the Body of Christ concerning the mystery of Christ”. These 3 realms or spheres, in and of 
                    themselves, constitutes God’s spheres of creation relative to the dispensation of Gentile grace”. More
                    specifically, two of the spheres, were designated as separate independent spheres since the dawn of
                    creation – Genesis 1:1, while the third sphere, for the last 2000 plus years, was initially formed as an entity
                    within the second sphere due to the timing of the zenith of ungodliness in the world. Therefore, the  present
                    'State of The Lord’s Union’, His creation (all 3 spheres), two of which are in a fallen state, while the third is
                    somewhat stunted in its growth. All three realms are affected by Satan’s works of darkness and his policy of
                    evil usurping temporary authority and dominion over all God's creation. But God has a strategy centered on
                    His plan and purpose for the repossession of His first sphere which implicates the Church. Satan is well 
                    aware of that strategy ever since the Lord Jesus arrested Saul (Paul) on the Damascus Road. Satan has
                    designed and implemented countermeasures to God’s plan and purpose by corrupting and/or concealing
                    the "the knowledge of the truth" concerning the gospel of the grace of God” – “the mystery of Christ”.

                    I have presented five possibilities with one being an alternativeBUT certainly plausible, the 5th, dictated
                    some biblical analysis for verification purposes. So that you can draw your own conclusion concerning the
                    image found within the ‘NGC602N90’ Nebula. This Image in concert with the Scriptures, vividly depicts and
                    reflects "the sufferings of Christ" as He observes His fallen creation across time and spaceBUT His MAIN
                    focus and concern is exclusively with the planet earth, because of the active dispensation of Gentile grace.
                    The Image and the Scriptures are astonishingly synchronized and both complement each other with their facts.

                    One last thought, the physical description given in Isaiah's account is consistent with 'NGC602N90', while the
                    physical countenance of 'NGC602N90' is consistent with Paul's account regarding "the sufferings of Christ".
                    What's your conclusion in light of the five possibilitiesAs stated previously, I am obligated and compelled to
                    connect and associate REAL gospel TRUTH to NASA-ESA/Hubble Image "NGC602N90" – the correct dots.
                    NOTEALL subsequent religious interpretations of NGC602N90 found on YouTube, are absolute and complete                     fabricated LIES to the nth degree, they're asinine in their assertions and totally CONTRARY to the Bible (KJV)!
                    There is one important caveat in regards to NGC602N90 that’s worth mentioning, and that is this: From Jesus’
                    perspective, the Pastthe Present and the Future all can be seen simultaneously by Him at a glance relative
                    from His abode in eternity, because as stated, HIS image spans across time and space, Jesus is omnipresent!

                    Zoom In On NGC602N90 From The Star Constellation Hydra, Reveals Another Interesting Perspective:
                    Special Important Note: There are two 28 sec YouTube video clips entitled “Zoom into NGC 602” or
                    “HubbleSite: Video – Zoom into Star-forming Region NGC 602” note, that both have the same content. Credit:
                    NASA, ESA, and G. Bacon and the Hubble Heritage Team, dates: 01/07/2007 and 12/31/2014. Pay particular
                    attention to ‘NGC602N90’s celestial position relative to the gigantic constellation “Hydra” a.k.a. “the crooked
                    serpent” – Job 26:13 (KJV), this is the largest known star constellation in earth’s night sky, perhaps in the
                    heavenly places”. Satan and his minions currently occupy God’s top-level governmental seats of principalities
                    and powers in heavenly places” – Ephesians 3:10 (KJV) all throughout this constellation. It’s from this
                    constellation that God has allowed the shortcomings and failures of the members of the church, the body of
                    Christ”, to be exploited all over the heavenly places” at the members expense, and especially in His presents
                    by Satan and his cohorts to the total displeasure and disgust of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The shame
                    and humiliation is clearly seen on His countenance because from His perspective, planet earth is purposely
                    seen in the vicinity or close proximity to the crooked serpent”.​  Therefore the summation of all this constitutes
                    "spiritual wickedness in high places." – Ephesians 6:12 (KJV).  I discovered this Hubble image on 11/22/2017.

                    Why The Occasional Obscured Image By Some? Could It Be Paranoia Concerning The Reality Of God
                    There are some Astronomy pictures seen on YouTube that have purposely obscured NGC602N90’s head and
                    facial image by rotating and zooming in on different points, such that the initial portrait position of the image,
                    cannot be clearly seen for what it is. If the image was that of an alien intelligence, then why obscure something
                    that has always fascinated mankind – hint, “Are we alone in the universe?” I think the reasons for obscurity is
                    that they know that it’s NOT an alien presents, lurking in the COSMOS for whatever reason(s). But someone
                    else they utterly fear because of accountability and responsibility to, i.e. the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, i.e. the
                    ONE and ONLY God of the known and unknown universe. This highly/solid but plausible possibility sends an
                    unimaginable shockwaves of horrific/epic proportions in an unbeliever’s life that God will judge! God created all
                    and God WILL judge ALL, and that there is NO escape from His judgment – IT IS WHAT IT IS – His Judgment!
                    The TRUE identification of this mysterious image seen within 'NGC602N90', was made possible by the Apostle
                    Paul's "revelation of the mystery", and the Old Testament accounts from Israel's prophets, Samuel and Isaiah.
      and as stated previously, this includes me too! Therefore,  Biologically speaking, correct SEX (male) is the ONLY initial qualifier for (The Offices of Headship) in God's Churches!
FACT #130 – This Special FACT Should Completely Squash ANY and EVERY Known and
                   Unknown Prejudices, Contrivances and Presuppositions About the Unique
                   Apostolic Authority of Paul the Apostle.  But First, Something of VITAL
                   Importance MUST Be Understood.  TOG ALONE, IS NOT the CORRECT
                   Truth for The Dispensation of Gentile Grace!  Therefore TOGMUST Be
                   Amended By "the Knowledge of the Trutha.k.a. "the Mystery of Christ".

                      Amended AcronymTOG+RD! == (Truth OGod Rightly Divided!== Genesis 1:1 KJV), "In
                      the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."  Therefore, All Our Entire Lives, the
                      Axiomatic "knowledge of the truth" as Dictated in Genesis 1:1 (KJV) Clearly Substantiates
                      "Right DivisionBoth at the MICRO (string = 1.616x10^-35 meter) and MACRO (size of the
                      known universe = 93 billion light years across) Level with Irrefutable, Undeniable Empirical
                      Evidence that Has Literally Been Staring Directly In Our Faces EVERDAY of Our Existence,
                      Particularly at the Astronomical Level of Our Anthropic Universe – "the heavenly places".

                      Note the following instructions is in reference to the Scriptures below: Slowly read and digest the
                      YELLOW highlighted text FIRST, then read the LIGHT BLUE highlighted text.  Also note the
                      meaning behind the RED lettered text, which you should already be familiar with.  As an added
                      note, the complete summation of these Scriptures are considered by God as an Inter/Trans
                      Dispensational TOGRD!  God's Tribunal Litigated the Doctrine for US in Paul's 13 Epistles.
As always, THIS scripture includes me TOO!  But remember these vital points, the Bible (KJV) opens up with the obvious physical material TOGRD unequivocally substantiated in Genesis 1:1 (KJV). The Bible (KJV) then connects this initial body of truth with continuity to Paul's "revelation of the mystery", which is at the other end of the TOGRD spectrum, but in terms of identifying and maintaining program demarcations, separations and distinctions between God's two cardinal agencies, i.e., the nation of Israel (whose destination is earthly) and "the church, the body of Christ" (whose destination is "the heavenly places"). Both cardinal agencies are diametrically in opposition DOCTRINALLY! This is the primary reason why TOG ALONE, is an erroneous propagated doctrine predicated upon gross ignorance of the Scriptures, i.e., the refusal to "rightly divide the word of truth" as commanded
by the Lord Jesus.              See FACTS #102C and #127 Above For Further Details
FACT #131 –  According to TOG Minus RD!   Salvation for Justified Believers "in Christ", 
                   is Delicate and VERY Susceptible of being Repealed, NO Eternal Security,
                   Meaning, You WILL be Cast into "Hellor "the Lake of Fireas a Result of
                   Unrepentant and/or Recently Committed Sins, Literally NO EVERLASTING
                   "Atonement", "Perfect Imputed Righteousness" and "Forgiveness of Sins"
                   Thereby Rendering Believers Worthy of Death for Common Shortcomings.
                   A Performance Based System of Works Unto Perfection – IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!
                   This is Synonymous with "Self-Righteousness", By which God REJECTS!!!
                   But this is the END Result of Refusal to "Rightly Divide the Word of Truth",
                   as Commanded By the Lord via Paul.  Defiance ONLY Produces Deception,
                   ConfusionContention & Misdirection All Culminating in Gross Ignorance.
                   THIS is THE Manifestations of Satan's Perverted Gospel of Subversion. But
                   Real Salvation is Trusting/Believing in Jesus as Your All-Sufficient Savior!
                   Definitions for acronyms used are found above in FACT #130. Below is what The Doctrine
                         Of Justification Teaches, that is, The Perfect Imputed Righteousness Of God In Christ:

                        *** IS ONCE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED???   A Clear And Concise Explanation ****
EQUATIONS:   Confusion = (TOG - RD!); -- Satan's Perverted Gospel of Subversion, Galatians 1:6-9; 2:16 and Acts 15:1 (KJV) a.k.a. Galatianism, (the mixing of Law and Grace), the tenets of Israel convoluted with the
                                                                     -- tenets of "the church, the body of Christ". This Theology fosters contention, misdirection and deception because its subjective in nature, biased - doesn't recognize ANY facts

                         Understanding = (TOG + RD!); -- "the preaching of Jesus Christaccording to the revelation of the mystery," Romans 16:25 (KJV), means observing and recognizing program divisions, demarcations and 
                                                                             -- distinctions, i.e. Israel (the Earthly sphere/realm), "the Body of Christ" (the COSMOS sphere/realm).This Theology is objective in nature, nonbiased, deals with facts ONLY

ADMONITION: In the Dispensation of Gentile Grace, attempting to preach and/or teach salvation by WORKSCAN and WILL send a person to "Hell" and "the Lake of Fire"!  Proclaiming God's word (KJV) while obviously
                         unqualified is a serious and dangerous profession to be involved in for both preacher/teacher and the unlearned recipient(s)!  We pastors had better know how to properly handle God's word (KJV), because
                         there are severe consequences if we don't!  In the Dispensation of Gentile Grace, God's "goodness", "forbearance" and "longsuffering" allows us an opportunity to get it right before our Death or the

                          "Let God be true, but every man a liar;" – Romans 3:4 (KJV), And As Always, This Definitely Includes Me TOO!
                                                    "But if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant." – 1st Corinthians 14:38 (KJV)                                                          The above FACT, constitute some of "the mercies of God", Romans 12:1.  See Also FACTS #115 & #122 For Details on this Vital Subject.

1) In Adam by    Default, 1st Cor. 15:21-22 (KJV).

2) In a Definite  Condemnation Standing
/Status by Default - Romans 5:16,18 (KJV).

3) Under Sin by Default - Romans 3:9 (KJV).

4) Unrighteous by Default - Romans 3:10 (KJV).

5) An Enemy of God by Default - Romans 5:10 (KJV).

1) Declared the Righteousness of God in Christ, 1st Cor. 15:21-22 (KJV).

2) In a Definite Justification Standing/Status - Romans 3:26; 5:18 (KJV).

3) Received       Forgiveness of Sins - Romans 4:7-8; 5:16 (KJV).

4) Received His Perfect Imputed Righteousness - Romans 4:22-25; 5:18 (KJV).

5) Received the Atonement, now at Peace with God - Romans 5:1,11 (KJV).

Justification: Is God's Declaration That We Are Justified By Grace Through Faith Alone Without ANY Works of ANY Kind at ANY Time!

The Law == A Performance-based System == Any Work(s) == Any Deed(s) == Any Thing Done In The Energy Of The Flesh For The Purpose Of Justifying One's Self Before God! == God's Perfect Righteousness == An Exercise In Total Futility For Mortal Humans!

== {the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ, which IS the very righteousness of God - co-equal with God the Father} This is what a man MUST have in order to be justified unto eternal life! (And it has to be this WITHOUT the Law!).

#1): Justification Before God - Justified Unto Eternal Life - his salvation - believing God that he would have an heir (Genesis 15:6 (KJV)). 
#2): Justification By Works - conducts himself in the sight of men according to what God had instructed - these works do NOT save Abraham - they testified to his faith - justified him as a
"Friend of God".
James 2:23 (KJV) - Apostle James mentioned this phrase in his epistle, "the Friend of God.". 

JUSTIFICATION UNTO ETERNAL LIFE == forgiveness of sins + imputation of God's perfect righteousness to the forgiven sinner. This is a judicial declaration that is legally binding - now our standing before God takes on a whole New Identity.


  Beginning with the Assyrian captivity in
722 B.C. 
 involving the ten northern tribes of Israel, then followed by the  Babylonian captivity in
606 B.C. 
involving the two southern tribes of Judah and Benjamin. This Epistle of the Apostle James, DOES NOT, and CAN NOT, address ANY doctrinal issues and concerns of "the Church, the body of Christ" living in the Dispensation of Gentile Grace.  As previously stated, this Epistle was written to "the believing remnant" of Israel ONLY, and is NOT instructions for US nor to US.  Remember, PAUL is OUR ONLY Apostle NOT JAMES!

Remember This Critical And Vital Super Hypothetical Scenario:
The ONE and the ONLY way God's Supreme 
Court Ruling 
concerning our Eternal Security could ever be in jeopardy of being repealed is by "the one man" Jesus Christ, being charged and sentenced to "the lake of fire" for the crimes of Capital High Treason and
against the Government of God His Father - DON'T EVER FORGET THIS, because our Eternal Security is ALL predicated upon the Fidelity of "The One Man", our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Adam BEFORE the Fall, (the FIRST Adam), the
 with God;  Conditionally Based on His Obedience.
Adam AFTER the Fall, (the FIRST Adam), 
the "figure": 
Now an Enemy of God Due to Disobedience; Sin Will NOW Propagate Down to ALL Humanity.
The Lord Jesus Christ (the
Second/LAST Adam), the
 with God; Now Unconditional; NOT Based on Our Obedience BUT what HE DID, "the faith of Christ"
 Sacrificial Performance!

 - Colossians 2:13 (KJV)
NOTE That This Image Is Astronomically Large, Light Years In Sheer Size, Because It Literally Spans Across Space  and Time.   The Blue Stars Are The Mass Of Our Sun.  Therefore, ONLY God Our Father And His Dear Son Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Can View The Past, The Present, And The Future , ALL At A Single Glance From Their Viewpoint. Eternal Power And Glory To The Godhead Of The Universe, GOD!